Audi urbansphere: concept merges SUV with minivan into electric car – 04/19/2022

Audi today unveiled its new concept, the urbansphere. The model completes a triad that was started with the skysphere and grandsphere concepts (yes, all lowercase) that had already been presented in August and September 2021.

The new “sphere”, completes the trio of concepts that give an idea of ​​what Audi intends for the coming years in terms of mobility with electric cars, with the first two having a GT style (sports two seats) and a luxury sedan.

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The urbansphere, on the other hand, mixes an SUV style with a minivan and is the largest of the three. They are 5.51 meters long, 2.01 m wide, 1.78 m high and 3.40 m between axles.

According to Audi, the car concept “breaks the mold” by being developed from the inside out, not the other way around, valuing passengers.

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Digital systems and integrations

The brand also says it is creating an ecosystem of services for the entire car, which include highly customizable details within the in-car experience: which include switching the environment between communication or relaxation, work or even creating a private “sphere”.

The purpose of the experience that Audi wants to insert into the concept includes access through the car itself to digital services such as all types of streaming, allowing the car to make purchases or reservations for restaurants.

As it is a level 4 autonomous car concept, urbansphere promises to pick up passengers at home and, regardless, find a parking space or a charging point.

Audi also wants to offer exclusive services such as access to shows, cultural and sporting events, based on the preference of the user/owner of the car.

Inside, the car has four individual seats, armchair-style with various adjustments and generous dimensions. In Relax or Entertain modes, the seatbacks tilt 60º, while the legs also extend.

In addition, banks can turn face to face, setting up a “living room”, one of the oldest concepts proposed with the creation of autonomous cars.

The car’s entertainment system can be unique and separate for each passenger, blocking what is on the screen or shared among all occupants in a cinema mode and with an organic LED screen.

Controls through gestures and voice, virtual reality glasses, in addition to a face reader allow several commands, in addition to “reading” the person’s appearance to understand if they may be stressed or calmer and change the look and lighting.

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Image: Disclosure

Premium tram platform and 400 hp

The concept platform is the modular one that is already being used in other electric cars of the brand: the PPE (Premium Platform Electric) or premium electric platform, created by the VW group for its luxury cars, such as Audi and Porsche.

In the case of the Audi grandsphere, the battery pack has a capacity of 120 kWh of energy. The concept uses two electric motors with a total output of 401 hp and 70.3 mkgf and, of course, the Quattro all-wheel drive present in most Audi cars.

According to Audi, when it’s not needing all the power it can develop, the concept can turn off the front axle’s electric motor.

The set has 800v recharge technology. This allows the battery to be recharged using the ultra-fast chargers developed by Audi and Porsche up to 270 kW.

Audi says that on this type of charger, 10 minutes is enough to give the battery pack more than 300 km of autonomy. The battery can be charged from 5% to 80% in less than 25 minutes, or the equivalent of 750 km, says the brand.

Finally, the car also has air suspension, independent type with multilink at the rear and McPherson type at the front with ultralight aluminum and with steerable wheels on the rear axle, improving manoeuvrability.

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