Sofía Reyes and Leon Leiden ask RBD fans for help to release an unreleased song with them

The popular Mexican singers are looking for the project to be launched as well as to have the presence of a Rebel

RBD has established itself as the most important pop band in Spanish in the history of Mexico -including Latin America- because more than 18 years after its creation, the public has not forgotten them and on the contrary they seem to be more and more present. But it is not only his fans who continue to listen to his music, but also other singers of the old and new school, who have not hesitated to make it known publicly, as was the case with Carol G a few weeks ago.

Now there are two young Mexican talents who have not only made their love for the band public, but have even revealed a great secret: Sofia Reyes Y Leon Leiden created an unpublished song for the protagonists of Rebel. The idea arose after the announcement of the return of their musical catalog to streaming platforms and in physical format, as well as the successful virtual concert To be or to seem 2020as well as the great rumors of the face-to-face world tour that was considered for this 2022 but could really happen in 2023.

The petition has been titled “RBD Project” (Photos: Instagram/@leonleidenmusic/rbd_musica/sofiareyes)

Given the uncertainty, both have launched Proyecto RBD, which consists of seeking help from all the fans of the Mexican group and its followers so that the record company approves that the single can be released, as well as the possibility that some of them participate singing the song. single of which a first advance was also given.

“A while ago I found out that RBD, yes RBD, was going to have their reunion so I got together with my friend Sofía Reyes to make them a song. After hearing the madness we did, we had to make it reach them and the craziest thing is that (yes) it reached them and they listened to it”, Leiden began to relate in the video that has quickly gone viral on the platform of tik tokwhere he has a large fandom and has positioned him as one of the most talented and popular rising internet celebrities in history.

Anahí Puente is a Mexican model, singer, actress and businesswoman.  (Photo: @anahi/Instagram)
Anahí Puente is a Mexican model, singer, actress and businesswoman. (Photo: @anahi/Instagram)

The video continued with another surprise: it showed the audio reaction that the leader of the group had, Anahí, after his manager Guillermo Rosas showed him the tune. “No, no, it’s spectacular, it is like Just stay quiet Y reloaded and brought to about the fifth thousand powerTell Sofia and Leon that no, he’s not… what, what do I tell you?!”, expressed the interpreter of My delirium, you hypnotize me Y Until you arrive.

The creator of songs as viral as Since I Saw You, Bikini Bottom Y gypsy added the information on how to help make the big surprise a reality: “Sadly this reunion has not yet taken place, but we want the song to come to light and that with your support someone from RBD is encouraged to participate. For you to be part of this, help me to interact and share this video everywhere so that this becomes a reality, because with your support I know that we have the power to achieve it…”, he added before listening to a few seconds of the melody.

This was the singer's reaction when he heard Anahí's voice talking about him (Photo: Instagram/@leonleidenmusic)
This was the singer’s reaction when he heard Anahí’s voice talking about him (Photo: Instagram/@leonleidenmusic)

Social networks have not hesitated to support and have quickly left hundreds of messages where they tag Anahí, Sweet Maria, Maite Perroni, Alfonso Herrera, Christian Chavez Y Christopher Uckerman:

“Never doubt that the RBD fans made it Televisa have an agreement with the record companies and Cris Morena, making possible the reunion and the music in Spotify”. “When the fans of Brazil get something into their heads everything is possible, remember that RBD there is sacred”. “Mexico, Colombia, Brazil united for this, do not doubt that Anahí is in charge of collaborating,” they expressed in Twitter.

RBD fans can help by making the video viral (Photo: Instagram/@leonleidenmusic)
RBD fans can help by making the video viral (Photo: Instagram/@leonleidenmusic)


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