Mega operation arrests 58 people and finds money from Vale do Sinos faction in teddy bear

THE megaoperation launched on Tuesday morning by the Civil Police against the financial heart of the Vale do Rio dos Sinos faction, has already arrested 58 suspects and also aimed at the judicial seizure of about R$ 50 million in assets and values ​​of the criminal organization. The action seeks 102 vehicles, two aircraft, 812 breaches of fiscal, banking, tax and stock market secrecy, the blocking of 190 bank accounts and the seizure of 38 properties.

In one of the places of the court orders, in the Azenha neighborhood, in Porto Alegre, a giant teddy bear was hiding approximately R$ 41 thousand in cash. In other targets, weapons, drugs, valuables, cell phones and vehicles were collected.

1,368 court orders were executed by 1,302 public officials, including 273 search and seizure warrants and 66 arrest warrants in 28 cities in Rio Grande do Sul, Santa Catarina. Paraná and Mato Grosso do Sul. The action also took place in 13 prisons in Rio Grande do Sul and a federal penitentiary.

“This represents a defeat for money laundering. Rio Grande do Sul’s organized crime suffered a very strong blow. It is the biggest economic blow”, emphasized the director of the 2nd Metropolitan Regional Police Station (2nd DPRM), delegate Mario Souza. He highlighted the loss of assets by the faction.

“We act across the entire structure of the organization. The economic backbone has been broken,” she pointed out. “Operation Kraken breaks paradigms in what has been done so far in the fight against organized crime and money laundering. The reflexes of this work will certainly be verified for several years and the techniques used will serve as a basis for future work”, said delegate Mario Souza. “It was qualified repression work carried out to break the finances of organized crime,” he said.

“There will certainly be developments”, said the head of the 1st Police Department of Sapucaia do Sul, delegate Gabriel Borges, referring to the next steps of the mega-operation. “The result of a year and a half work speaks for itself. This is a big blow that organized crime has suffered in terms of decapitalization and financial suffocation,” he stressed.

“The operation sought the financial asphyxia of organized crime through the decapitalization of this criminal organization. Our main objective was to reach the financial asset and reach the biggest leaders”, said delegate Gabriel Borges. He recalled that the faction also acts in all types of property crimes, such as robbery, theft, extortion and kidnapping, in addition to drug and weapons trafficking.

The action, identified as the largest of its kind in the history of the Civil Police, had the participation of the Military Brigade, the Superintendence of Penitentiary Services, the Rio Grande do Sul Military Fire Department, the Federal Highway Police and the National Penitentiary Department, in addition to the Civil Police. from SC, PRF and MS.


The investigation began at the end of 2020, when the team of the 1st DP of Sapucaia do Sul judicially kidnapped around R$ 10 million in movable and immovable property and values ​​in the faction’s bank accounts. Focused on crimes of laundering and concealment of goods and values ​​derived from drug trafficking, the civil police officers identified five leaders of the criminal group.

The agents then mapped the organization’s organizational chart, its base of operations, the branches of criminal conduct practiced and the logistics of the members. Throughout 2021, agents of the 1st DP of Sapucaia do Sul arrested 102 members of the criminal organization, who worked at different levels of command. In the period, more than ten kilos of narcotics and 11 firearms.

A total of 207 criminals were investigated. They worked in the most diverse layers of the group’s hierarchy, with defined roles and easily replaced in case of arrest. The investigative work indicated that the faction’s performance was of the business type and sought maximum profit. There was an internal code, a support network and a kind of financial bank.

According to the civil police, a wide and complex laundering of goods and values ​​arising from the trafficking of narcotics, illegal trade in firearms, illegal trade in precious stones, property crimes (robbery, robbery, extortion, embezzlement), crimes against the faith (falsification of documents, forgery, tampering with a motor vehicle identification sign), illegal trade in T-shirts and symbols of public bodies and institutions, among other criminal offenses.

According to the agents, money laundering is highly sophisticated, with the acquisition of luxury properties and automobiles in the Capital, Metropolitan Region and Coast of RS and SC, in addition to acquisitions of companies for the conversion of values, such as companies in the real estate, automotive sector. and precious metals.

Regarding firearms trafficking, the faction obtains weapons of all types of calibers, including 50-caliber machine guns, weapons capable of shooting down aircraft. Drug trafficking, on the other hand, is the group’s main profit generator, controlling the entry of most drugs into RS by land or air. Airplane pilots brought in dozens of kilos of drugs from abroad daily.

The leaders are held in prisons in Rio Grande do Sul and in a federal penitentiary, but they continue to coordinate the faction. There was even a complex scheme to send cell phones into prisons, with the help of drones, to provide communication to the leaders.

The police investigation resulted in the confirmation that the criminal group has links with criminal organizations operating in other states, such as Paraná, Santa Catarina and Mato Grosso do Sul, as well as contacts with international cartels in Bolivia and Colombia.

In Rio Grande do Sul, the action took place in Canoas, Sapucaia do Sul, Porto Alegre, Esteio, Eldorado do Sul, Nova Santa Rita, Guaíba, Gravataí, São Leopoldo, Novo Hamburgo, Alvorada, Sapiranga, Parobé, Campo Bom, Igrejinha, Três Coroas, Rio Grande, Caxias do Sul, Passo Fundo, Ijuí, Santa Cruz do Sul, Charqueadas, Arroio dos Ratos, Venâncio Aires, Montenegro, Lajeado, Vera Cruz, Candelária, Cruz Alta, Capão da Canoa,
Imbé, Xangri-La, Frederico Westphalen and São Gabriel. In Santa Catarina, court orders were executed in Balneário Camboriú and Tubarão. In Paraná, the target was in Maringá, in Mato Grosso do Sul, the warrants took place in Campo Grande and Ponta Porã.

Photo: PC / Publicity / CP