Maserati, Audi and Cadillac are among luxury cars seized in police mega-operation – Region

Luxury cars from brands such as Maserati, Audi, Cadillac, in addition to a Chevrolet Camaro, are among the 102 vehicles seized in the mega-operation carried out this Tuesday (19) against faction money laundering. The police mobilization to comply with more than 1,300 court orders seeks to combat the criminal scheme organized from cities in Vale do Sinos. The total amount of assets and money seized is R$50 million, according to the Civil Police. Today alone, 58 suspects were arrested.

The scheme is considered the largest of its kind in the state. The investigation started at the 1st Police Station of Sapucaia do Sul a year and a half ago. In 2020, the work of police officers reached five people responsible for trafficking in the region and, in 2021, they arrested 102 suspects.

Luxury vehicles seized in mega-operation against faction
Photo: Civil Police

This Tuesday, the searches were carried out in 39 cities in Rio Grande do Sul and three more states: Santa Catarina, Paraná and Mato Grosso do Sul.

In RS, warrants were carried out in Litoral, Fronteira, metropolitan region and Serra. In the municipalities of Vale do Sinos, agents were in Campo Bom, Canoas, Esteio, Gravataí, Igrejinha, Montenegro, Nova Santa Rita, Novo Hamburgo, Parobé, São Leopoldo, Sapiranga, Sapucaia do Sul and Três Coroas.

Luxury vehicles seized in mega-operation against faction

Luxury vehicles seized in mega-operation against faction
Photo: Civil Police / Reproduction

Between dawn and this morning, 1,302 public security agents took to the streets to comply with 1,368 court orders against those involved in the scheme. See the order details:

– 273 search and seizure warrants;
– 66 arrest warrants;
– 13 prisons will be searched and apprehended;
– 1 federal prison will be subject to search and seizure;
– 38 kidnappings of crime properties;
– 102 forfeiture-declared vehicles (including luxury cars: Maserati, Audi, Cadillac and Camaro);
– 190 blocked bank accounts;
812 breaches of fiscal, banking, tax and market secrecy.

The investigation points out that the leaders of the criminal group commanded the scheme from within Rio Grande do Sul prisons and also from the federal penitentiary.

Where were the searches performed?

Rio Grande do Sul

Sapucaia do Sul
Porto Alegre
southern eldorado
New Santa Rita
Sao Leopoldo
New Hamburg
Good camp
little church
three crowns
big River
Caxias do Sul
Deep step
Santa Cruz do Sul
Stream of Rats
Venâncio Aires
Vera Cruz
high cross
Canoe capon
Frederick Westphalen
Saint Gabriel

Santa Catarina

Camboriú Bathhouse



Mato Grosso do Sul

Large field
Ponta Porá

Criminal money laundering

The money obtained through drug trafficking, weapons and robberies were “made up” and invested as if they were companies by the faction. Criminals act in a regulated and discreet way, with the aim of maximum profit. According to the investigations, “all types of illicit conduct capable of generating profit is practiced by the members”.

The scheme also occurred through the illegal trade in precious stones, embezzlement, crimes against public faith (forgery of documents, forgery, tampering with the identification sign of a motor vehicle), illegal trade in T-shirts and symbols of public bodies and institutions, among other infractions. penal.

The washing

Money laundering was carried out with the purchase of luxury properties and automobiles in the capital, metropolitan region and coast of RS and SC, in addition to the acquisition of companies for the conversion of values, such as companies in the furniture, automotive and precious metals sector.

Traffic was the main means of profit

Drug trafficking was identified as the main generator of profits for the group, which controls the entry of most drugs into the state, whether by land or air routes. The investigation proved that the group had pilots of aircraft that daily brought in tens of kilos of drugs from abroad.

Firearms trafficking involves weapons of all types of caliber, including .50 caliber machine guns, weapons capable of shooting down aircraft.

They have a kind of internal code, a criminal support network and a kind of criminal bank.

They work by recruiting young people to start as a steamer or car puller, to higher positions within the organization.

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