“If my book was, I wouldn’t throw it away.” A Syrian child in Lebanon reads a book inside a trash container | Mix

Former Lebanese Minister Sejaan Azzi: I suggest that the Lebanese state grant citizenship to the Syrian child Hussein.

Social media platforms were buzzing with a picture of the Syrian child Hussein, the refugee campaign in Lebanon, reading a book he had found inside a garbage container while he was collecting plastic leftovers in a neighborhood.

The photo was taken by the engineer Rodrigue Maghames while he encountered the Syrian child Hussein reading a book inside the container, while he was working in the collection of waste to secure his livelihood.

Rodrigue said – according to what was reported by social media platforms – that he did not believe what he saw, because the child had been browsing the book for more than 7 minutes with passion and love, as if he was searching for his place in one of its pages.

In a video clip published by Lebanese media, the child Hussein said that if the book he found inside the trash container was for him, he would not have thrown it, adding that he buys a book whenever he collects some money.

The image of the child Hussein reading the book inside the garbage container was well received by the pioneers of communication platforms in Syria and Lebanon.

Former Lebanese Minister Sejaan Azzi wrote on Twitter: “Although childhood nationality is universal, I suggest that the Lebanese state give the exception of nationality to Hussein, the 10-year-old Syrian child who found a book among the trash and sat reading it. Lebanon’s identity is the identity of the heart. This is Lebanon’s message toward childhood and culture. and humanity.”

The Syrian writer Ali Sweid also tweeted: “Knowledge is light and dignity. Hussein is a displaced Syrian child in Lebanon. He collects trash in the afternoon and goes to school in the morning. He found a book in the dump and went through it eagerly and eagerly to read.”

And tweeter Rayan Al-Masry wrote: “He found himself a small space to learn something of the most basic rights that he was deprived of due to the international and global betrayal of the Syrian people. He stole some of his words and maybe some of his dreams.”

The image of the child Hussein reading the book inside the garbage container was well received by the pioneers of the communication platforms, and subsequently some comments.