Dream Theater: James LaBrie explains how his reconciliation with Mike Portnoy was

Undoubtedly, there is nothing like closing open wounds from the past, and this is the case with Dream Theater and the stormy exit of Mike Portnoy of the band in 2010.

More than a decade later, the complete reunion finally arrived, until now only partial – on several occasions he had met with Jordan Rudess and apparently with John Myung-, and of course resumed his friendship with John Petruccialso in the professional field -2 albums together, in the solo album of the guitarist and in the project Liquid Tension Experiment-.

It was missing to see a hug between the drummer and the vocalist james la brie, without a doubt the opposite extremes in this long disagreement. And he arrived, as we could see recently, at a DT concert in New York, where Portnoy He went to the appointment and was seen in dressing rooms with all its members, including LaBrie and Mike Mangini, with whom logically he had not coincided in the past because he was precisely his substitute.

LaBrie, who is now deep in the promotion of his new solo album, ‘Beautiful Shade of Gray‘, has not been shy about talking about his former partner in an interview on ‘Sonic Perspectives’. There he commented: “We chatted, we had a long and good conversation, we hugged and took a picture together.”

Lost time and other reflections

The Canadian reflected on the time lost with his disagreement: “It’s sad to think of all that this time has lasted in which Mike and I did not see each other. I have to say that when we started Dream Theater, during the stage of ‘Images and Words ‘ and ‘Awake’, Mike and I were very good friends… but then we started drifting apart for various reasons. Now it doesn’t matter anymore, the details don’t matter, but we started having problems.”

Revealing this bad time, he explains: “About 2 hours before the concert in New York, my agent texted me and said, ‘Hey look, Mike is going to be there tonight. He wants to see you and make up.’ And I said, ‘Frank, you’re telling me this just 2 hours before I’m going to sing in front of thousands of people in New York. Are you kidding me?’ I went out incognito on the streets of New York. I took a walk and I started to think about it and I said to myself… ‘Well, you know what? That’s enough. There’s already too much hate in this world, too much negativity. … if Mike wants to come and see me and make up, then we’re going to listen to him. And then I got in touch and John Petrucci was also there.”

It was later when he told his agent that he gave the ‘ok’ to that reunion: “Tell him yes, let him go through dressing rooms. Tell him to come see me after the concert. And that’s what happened, we talked, we had a fruitful and long talk. We reconciled and hugged each other and then we took that picture together.”

He also tells how before the meeting, during the show, he announced it to the fans: “When I was on stage I said ‘hey, I want you to know that Mike Portnoy is here. Hey, welcome brother to the show’. And that was it. “

contacts continue

In addition, LaBrie believes that it was a success in all senses, also personal: “The thing is that you reach a moment in your life in which you think that it is something that you should not continue dragging. Do not continue with hate, with negative topics.. . and we had been like this for too long, and as far as I can tell, it was useless, just to be distanced without more, causing damage. “

Not only did he stay on that day of the concert: Portnoy also congratulated LaBrie and the rest of the band on the recent grammy award won for the song ‘The Alien’, the first in his career. The Canadian reveals that he wrote to him: “The other day Mike texted me and said ‘hey James I just want to congratulate you on the first Grammy. prestige”.

The vocalist replied: “Mike, I really appreciate it, it was very necessary.” “It’s great to be back to normal,” LaBrie then told the interviewer: “We’re talking normally now, chatting and all that… It’s the kind of world I want to live in, no negativity, hate… that not worth it”.

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