This is the magic diet that lost Hanadi Muhanna 50 kilos in just 4 months… You won’t believe what it is!

Egyptian actress Hanadi Muhanna sparked controversy after her appearance a few months ago with a remarkable thinness, as some questioned about the diet that she underwent or the surgery that was the reason for losing weight.

Hanadi Muhanna appeared in a thin form, other than the features that the public used to see in him, which made many social media pioneers expect her to undergo a gastric sleeve operation in order to appear perfectly.

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The young Egyptian actress Hanadi Muhanna, for the first time, revealed how she lost weight remarkably a few months ago, after she surprised the audience with her graceful body after circulating her photos on Instagram.

Muhanna stated, during her arrival, as a guest on the “With You” program with the media, Mona Al-Shazly: “I disappeared from December 2020, until July 2021, and at this time I did everything a person could do to lose weight.”

The artist Hanadi Muhanna added that she tried diet and gym systems, and all of it did not help her, until she had to resort to a nutritionist who had all possible solutions to enable anyone to lose weight, which is what happened to her and she lost 50 kilos on his hand.

She indicated that before her return to Egypt, her weight was what she is now, but the matter differed after her return to Egypt, and her weight increased a lot, adding: “Who will not find stuffed, pigeons, moussaka, and leaves?” It is not possible for this food to be present in our country and it is not allowed.”

She indicated that the way of life and food outside Egypt is not comparable to eating in Egypt, so after returning to Egypt, it is normal for the weight to differ.

Hanadi Muhanna had sparked controversy during the last period with a noticeable loss of weight, as some attributed Hanadi Muhanna’s thinness to a serious illness, after she lost weight significantly, and in a short period, which was denied by her famous musician father, stressing that this statement is completely untrue, noting that His daughter is in good health, and she did not suffer any harm, as some believe, and that she underwent a certain diet of her own free will, saying: “I did a harsh diet about 4 months ago, and he is not keen on eating and taking her steps.”

The method that Hanadi Muhanna followed to lose weight in 4 months In this aspect, Dr. Rami Salah El-Din, a consultant in therapeutic nutrition and thinness, explained that there are two types of diet and diets that connect the artist to this method.

Keto Diet The doctor explained that the first way to reach this result is to follow the keto diet, stressing that it is a system that depends entirely on fat intake at a rate of 75 to 80%, saying: “Bodies secrete ketone bodies that break fat and lose weight.”

Dangerous to health, and the therapeutic nutrition consultant indicated during his talk to “Henn” that the system, despite the success of its results, is completely unhealthy, saying: “It increases fat and is harmful to the heart and arteries.”

He continued, “The worst stage is in the first week, because it removes insulin and glucose, and replaces them with harmful fats.”

Karatay Diet Rami Salah El-Din pointed to another method, which is the Karatay diet, which was invented by the doctor Canan Karatay, which relies on a low percentage of carbohydrates and a very high percentage of proteins, to regulate the metabolism, blood sugar level and the secretion of insulin.

The diet depends on several rules, on top of which is eating 8 to 10 glasses of water per day, exercising, and not eating foods after 8 pm, while avoiding bread, potatoes or rice in the main dishes, as it helps in losing 5 kilograms in two weeks.

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