Sabri Çelik became the new MHK President!

Sabri Çelik became the new president of the Turkish Football Federation Central Referee Board (MHK).

The Board of Directors of the Turkish Football Federation determined the chairman and members of the Central Referee Board at its meeting today. Sabri Çelik was appointed to the vacant presidency after Ferhat Gündoğdu’s resignation.

The members of the MHK, chaired by Sabri Çelik, are as follows:

Sabri Celik

Muhittin Bosat
Murat Ilgaz
Erol Ersoy
Orhan Erdemir
Ismet Arzuman
Hikmet Oksuzoglu
Ibrahim Cinar
Dursun Cumali Sucu


Sabri Çelik was appointed as the Chairman of the MHK, which was vacated by Ferhat Gündoğdu.

Çelik and the team he created will manage MHK until the TFF Extraordinary General Assembly, which will be held on June 16. The TFF President to be elected at this General Assembly will form a new MHK.

Sabri Celik was born in 1959 in Istanbul. Çelik, whose main profession is a high school teacher, left active refereeing due to age after serving as a referee in the 1st League for many years.

Sabri Çelik was the first President of MHK between 2004-2005. The 63-year-old former referee undertook this task for about 5 months in 2019. Çelik also served as a member of MHKs headed by Bülent Yavuz and Hilmi Ok.


After the President of the Turkish Football Federation, Nihat Özdemir, the Chairman of the Central Arbitration Board Ferhat Gündoğdu and the MHK Board of Directors resigned yesterday. Gündoğdu replaced Serdar Tatlı, who resigned at the beginning of this season.



The decision of the Central Arbitration Board to remove 13 referees from the Super League task list on 8 March was overturned by the TFF Arbitration Board.

On Tuesday, March 8, the Central Arbitration Board of the Turkish Football Federation removed 13 names from the list while redefining the referee staff in the Super League. Whistle blowing in the Super League; While Cüneyt Çakır, Ali Palabıyık, Abdulkadir Bitigen, Fırat Aydınus, Bahattin Şimşek, Burak Şeker, Suat Arslanboğa, Hüseyin Göçek, Mert Güzenge, Tugay Kaan Numanoğlu, Alper Ulusoy, Halis Özkahya were removed from the list, it was decided that Özgür Yankaya would only serve as a VAR referee. .

While the statements of MHK President Ferhat Gündoğdu on the subject did not satisfy anyone, the fact that the operation was carried out before the end of the season drew the reaction of the majority. Some clubs argued that they were brought into the league and that non-registration should be discussed.

The dismissed arbitrators and observers brought the matter to the Arbitration Board. In the case in which MHK President Ferhat Gündoğdu also participated; The Board of Arbitration accepted the annulment of the decision by a majority of votes.


Although the referees and observers were later reinstated, they were not assigned to any match.

Ferhat Gündoğdu made a statement about the referees, “Neither TFF President Nihat Özdemir nor any club… This is the list prepared by me and the setup. I am completely responsible for this list.”


The earthquake, which started with the dismissal of experienced referees by the MHK on 8 March, deeply shook the fault lines of Turkish football.


After the decision of the Board of Arbitration; TFF Deputy Chairman, Executive Board Member, Administrative and Legal Affairs Officer Mehmet Baykan announced that he resigned after the decision of the MHK regarding the arbitrators was returned from the TFF Arbitration Board.

The resignation of Baykan, who is the critical name of TFF, was interpreted as “TFF has completed its life” and eyes were turned to Nihat Özdemir.


On April 4, the President of the Turkish Football Federation, Nihat Özdemir, resigned from his position. After Nihat Özdemir’s resignation, Deputy Chairman Servet Assistant assumed the presidency by proxy. The fact that the live broadcast tender, which was planned to be held in February, could not reach a conclusion and the developments regarding the referees had recently caused the federation to be discussed.

The new president of the Turkish Football Federation will be elected at the Extraordinary General Assembly to be held on 16 June.


On the same day, there was another separation in TFF. Turkish Football Federation Central Referee Board Education Consultant Jaap Uilenberg resigned from his duty as TFF MHK Education Consultant.

Uilenberg announced his resignation with these words: “Dear referees, the date of 8 March 2022 will forever remain a black page in Turkish Refereeing. It was an unfair and incredible decision to remove many referees together with the candidate referee for the 2022 World Cup. I’ve been in the refereeing business for a long time, I’ve never seen a decision like this before.”


After the successive resignations in Turkish football, the eyes were turned to MHK. In the statement made by TFF yesterday; It was announced that the Chairman of the Central Arbitration Board Ferhat Gündoğdu and the MHK Board of Directors resigned. Gündoğdu replaced Serdar Tatlı, who resigned at the beginning of the season.