Magda Zaki .. She received the shock of a lifetime from Kamal Abu Raya after 25 years of marriage, and the surprise in the relationship between her and Ashraf Zaki

A high-class comedian, who makes you smile easily just because of her observations and talk. She is the artist Magda Zaki, the owner of the busy artistic career that she started from small roles on stage until she deserved the championship and presented a group of distinguished works.

Magda Zaki’s life and upbringing: “Magda” was born in Cairo Governorate. As for her date of birth, it is on November 25, 1958, while Magda Zaki recorded in Wikipedia and other sites that she was born on December 12, and confirmed in several statements that they tried to modify it and address the sites, but without any result.

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She is the sister of the captain of the acting professions, Dr. Ashraf Zaki, who was born in 1960, meaning that she is two years older than him. He stated several times that she is in the status of his “mother” and not just his sister.

She studied at the Higher Institute of Dramatic Arts, after obtaining her bachelor’s degree, she began to participate in small roles in several plays, such as the play “Annasis”, the play “Satat Ma’arfush Yarqush”, and the play “Lehs Medicine”, and she also had minor participations in a number of dramas, such as the series “Flowers”. Blooming”, and the series “The Eyes of Others”.

Magda Zaki and Khaled Zaki’s relationship Because of the similarity of the names.

As we mentioned, she is the sister of the captain of the acting professions, Dr. Ashraf Zaki, who together have a special relationship, to the extent that his wife, her brother, the artist Rogina, confirmed that “Magda” is very jealous of her brother Ashraf Zaki, and that the relationship between them is not only a relationship of brothers, so they are like friends and loved ones.

“Rogina” recounted that at the beginning of her marriage, she would wake up to find Ashraf Zaki calling a woman and telling her, “Oh, my love,” until she found out that she was his sister, “Magda,” and they became our friend sharing his love, noting that “Magda” always stood by her brother, “Ashraf,” even if He was wrong.

The sons of the artist Magda Zaki, “Magda”, at the age of twenty, married the artist Kamal Abu Raya in 1988, and the marriage lasted for 25 years, during which they had three sons, Ahmed, Kamal, and the only daughter, Habiba, and in a shocking surprise to all, we announced their separation in 2014.

“Magda” has not spoken since the separation on the subject permanently, while “Abu Raya” spoke about him, stressing that they helped each other a lot and each of them stood next to the other, stressing that the separation affected him psychologically significantly because of his separation from his children, which he could not imagine.

Abu Raya demanded in a meeting with Magda in 2021 that she and his children forgive him, stressing that he made a mistake in her right, but unintentionally, as he was younger and less experienced, and thanked her for having their three children, who are the most important thing in his life, stressing that His respect and appreciation for her even after the separation.

Her artistic career is considered the true beginning of Magda Zaki in 1978, when the leader Adel Imam participated in his famous series “Dreams of the Flying Boy” with both the artist Omar Hariri and the artist Rajaa Al-Jeddawi, and she collaborated with director Mohamed Fadel.

In the following year, 1979, she presented another successful series with the artist Mohamed Sobhi, which is the series “Kimo”, in which she collaborated with director Nour Al-Demerdash, and in the same year she participated in the Gulf series “Al-Dhelil”.

In 1980, she returned to her first home, which is the theater, by participating in the play “Arousa Tajnin”, and also participated in the series “Mabrouk Galak Walad”. In its first part.

In 1982, she participated in two works, namely the series “Watah Al-Tariqa” and “He said the sea”, and in 1983 she returned to the cinema through the movie “Invitation to Marriage”, and in 1984 she participated in two works, namely the successful series “Al-Burkan” with the star Abdullah Ghaith and the artist Ferdous Abdel Hamid. It was directed by Nour El Demerdash, and she also participated in the series “Okho Al Banat”.

1985 is a year of artistic activity for her, she participated in the play “Bould and Sahib Ghayeb” and the series “Sah Al-Nom”. She also had a cinematic participation in the movie “The Women”.

Her artistic activity continued in 1986, and she participated in three series, namely the series “The Journey of Sayed Abu Ala’a Al-Bishri” starring Mahmoud Morsi, the “Al-Muntafah” series, and the “Awlad Adam” series. She also had a cinematic participation through the movie “Madame Shalata”.

In 1987, she was satisfied with a cinematic participation in the movie “The Angel does not inhabit the Earth” and a television series, “Mercy.” In the following year, 1988, she repeated the matter with a series and a movie, and presented the series “The Price of Fear.” As for the movie, it was “Youth in Hell.”

In 1989, she presented two works, namely the series “I, You and Baba in the Misch”, and the series “Please Be Calm”.

The most famous of Magda Zaki’s works began in the nineties, “Magda” a new stage of distinguished roles, which are signs in her artistic career, she began in 1990 by participating in two famous works, “Layali Al Helmiya”, part three and “The Family of Professor Shalash”.

In 1991, she participated in the fourth part of the famous series “Nights of the Dream”, and the series “Primo”. In the cinema, she returned to stand in front of the leader, Adel Imam, through the movie “Terror and Kebab”, and also participated in the movie “Prisoner 67”.

In 1993, leader Adel Imam participated again in the movie “The Terrorist”, in addition to appearing in the movie “131 Ashghal”, and in 1994 she made a distinguished participation in the play “Hazmni Ya”.

In 1995, she participated in the series “Meshwar” and in the series “Nights of the Helmya” Part V, and in the following year 1996, the artist Ahmed Abdelaziz, the star Sherine Seif Al-Nasr and the retired artist Jihan Nasr participated in the series “Who Doesn’t Love Fatima”, and in the cinema she participated in the movie “Traffic Light”. .

In 1998, she participated in the movie “Mabrouk and Bulbul”, in addition to the series “Al-Sira Al-Ashouriya Al-Harafeesh” and “The Fall of the Masks”.

Among the distinguished works that achieved great fame for “Magda” within the Egyptian drama was her appearance in 2001 with the artist Nour El Sherif in the series “The Family of Hajj Metwally”, and the performance of her famous role “Amina”, and in the same year she participated in the famous series “Setting and Bringing”.

In 2002, she repeated the cooperation with the star Nour al-Sharif through his participation in the series “Al-Attar and the Seven Girls.”

“Magda” began playing the role of championships, starting in 2006 through the series “Haret of the Spinners”, and in 2007 the series “Your Dreams are Commands”, and stopped two years to return in 2009, starring in the series “My Right to My Neck” with the late artist Hassan Hosni, and also presented her comedy series. The famous “gracious cream”.

In 2014, she presented the series “Kid Al-Hamawat” with the stars Sawsan Badr and Hala Sedky, and in 2017, she presented the series “Oh God, I am fasting”, and in 2020 she presented with director Magdy Abu Amira one of her most successful series, “Quot Al-Quloub”, and in 2021, the artist Ahmed participated Ezz and the artist Hend Sabry, the series “Counter Attack”.

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