LDO 2023 reserves R$ 11.7 billion for possible readjustments to servers next year, says government | Economy

The 2023 budget guidelines bill (LDO) provides for a forecast of readjustment and restructuring of civil service positions and careers next year, the Ministry of Economy said on Monday (18). The amount reserved for eventual increases is R$ 11.7 billion.

However, the document does not specify the forecast of increases by category. For now, it’s a guideline. The LDO was sent by the government to Congress last week.

The government is experiencing a moment of tension with the civil service, in the midst of strikes and demonstrations by various categories for salary increases.

The Executive recently waved a proposal for a 5% raise for all careers. However, the servers considered the value insufficient. Unions of the categories promise to maintain the claims in the coming weeks.

The estimated amount for readjustments and restructuring of careers in 2023 is BRL 10 billion more than the amount earmarked for this purpose in the 2022 budget piece, which is BRL 1.7 billion.

In a press conference, the special secretary for the Treasury and Budget of the Ministry of Economy, Esteves Colnago, said that it is not yet possible to say how the eventual adjustment will be distributed among the various careers. He said that it will depend on a decision by the Federal Executive in 2023.

“There’s no way to say if it’s going to be linear, by career. The decision will still be made. The idea is that a reserve is created and the decision will be up to the president [da República em 2023]. Anyway, it hasn’t been taken yet. Prudentially, we have included in our estimate a reserve of R$11.7 billion. The idea is that we forward it to the LOA [lei orçamentária] already a reserve for the next president to have more tranquility in the decision. In the course of Congress, this can be changed”, declared the secretary.

Esteves also informed that it is not yet defined that the government will give the 5% increase in 2022.

“Everyone wants more, wants more. A 5% readjustment is already a considerable fiscal effort, and it has not been decided. That’s it. The spending ceiling is there to look at the government’s accounts. We have 11 months of deficit, we are in surplus, we are not in a situation where the country is calm. We need to pursue fiscal consolidation”, added Colnago.

Government decides to give 5% increase to federal servers, even without space in the 2022 budget

The Unacon Sindical, which represents the Treasury and CGU employees, reported last week that the general recomposition of 5% of the salaries of federal employees is “insufficient in view of the high cost of living and also does not prevent the realization of the salary misalignment between Executive State careers signaled by the same government earlier this year”.

He added: “The announcement of the percentage does not even replace last year’s inflation and maintains the scenario of sharp losses for the Finance and Control career.”

Last year, official inflation, measured by the IPCA, totaled 10.06%. According to Unacon, to return to the salary level of January 2019, the date of the last adjustment, a replacement of 24% is necessary.

The National Treasury stoppage, scheduled for next Wednesday (20), is also maintained, when a new meeting of the category will be held, in addition to the holding of a “National Mobilization Day” on May 4, in front of the CGU headquarters. , in Brasilia.

As informed last week the director of the National Federation of Unions of Workers in Health, Work, Welfare and Social Assistance (Fenasps), Cristiano dos Santos Machado, the government’s proposal is insufficient.

As a result, the strike of the employees of the National Institute of Social Security (INSS), which has been taking place since March 23, continues. The category asks for a 19.9% ​​readjustment due to salary losses since the beginning of the Bolsonaro government, in 2019.

The president of the National Union of Employees of the Central Bank of Brazil (Sinal), Fábio Faiad, also reported last Thursday that the government’s proposal for a 5% readjustment does not meet the category. “We consider it insufficient. We will continue fighting in the mobilization for a better readjustment”, he declared.

With this, the indefinite strike of BC servers, decreed in early April and which is affecting the disclosure of indicators, will continue. The institution’s employees ask for a 27% salary readjustment.

The National Union of Tax Auditors of the Federal Revenue (Sindifisco), in turn, recalled that the agenda of the agency’s servants involves the recomposition of the budget, the holding of public tender and compliance with Law 13.464/17 – which provides for the productivity program (bonus payment according to performance).

“As a general review index, 5% is far short of the inflationary loss,” said Paulo Oshiro, president of Sindifisco Nacional in São Paulo.

According to Sindifisco, the mobilization of the tax auditors of the Revenue, which began in December 2021, will continue. They are carrying out the so-called “standard operation”, which is affecting the clearance of products at the borders, and positions in the Administrative Council of Tax Appeals (Carf) were also delivered.

According to the government, the LDO project also opens the possibility of readjusting the food or meal allowance and pre-school assistance to federal employees.