Enel Ceará announces package of works and modernization of the distribution network – Negócios

A package of works and modernization of the distribution network are among the next actions programmed by Enel Distribuição Ceará. Innovation projects, digitalization, works and maintenance of the electrical network, in addition to sustainability actions, are planned for 2022.

At the beginning of May, the distributor will inaugurate two new substations in Itarema and Paracuru, benefiting approximately 150 thousand residents in the two neighboring regions and municipalities. For this year, the construction of 156 km of High Voltage Distribution Lines is also planned. The extension is similar to the distance from Fortaleza to the municipality of Aracati.

To ensure the reliability of the electrical system, the distributor continues with its maintenance on the equipment and on the electrical network. Around 42,000 maintenance will be carried out in the state and another 418,000 pruning with imminent contact with the electrical network, to ensure the quality of supply. In addition, the cleaning of a lane of more than 100 km will be reinforced in the second half of the year to avoid possible fires at this time.

The company invested around BRL 1.1 billion last year, an increase of approximately 20% compared to 2020. The investments were aimed at expanding the electrical network, combating losses, system quality and infrastructure adequacy. .

For this year, the focus is on the use of innovation and new technologies to improve the quality of energy supply. For this, the Telecontrol project was implemented, which consists of the use of equipment controlled at a distance for remote operation of the network, making the service more efficient. The objective of the project is to make the number of affected customers in that disconnected area as small as possible, significantly reducing the time to restore power supply. This year, another 384 devices should be installed, totaling about 4,000 throughout the state. The company is also installing satellite communication equipment in the entire fleet of vehicles to speed up contact between the Operational Center and electricians in the field.

The distributor will build another four substations in 2022 in the municipalities of Guaraciaba do Norte, Itapipoca, Pacatuba, Pindoretama, Porteiras and Fortaleza, benefiting around 213 thousand customers in the regions. Last year, the distributor delivered the Ibiapina and Jaguaruana substations. The equipment guarantees more safety, reliability and more quality in the electrical system for customers.

The distributor also expanded the supply capacity of Vila de Jericoacoara with the implementation of a new feeder in the region interconnected with the municipality of Cruz. The equipment has a power of around 1.17 MW and included the installation of 500 poles between Cruz and Jeri, in addition to 30 km of medium and low voltage network.

Noeggs Training Centers to train electricians

Legend: The new equipment will train specialized labor to work in the energy network

Photograph: disclosure

The distributor opened three new training centers to train electricians in Juazeiro do Norte, Sobral and Barra da Ceará, in partnership with the National Service for Industrial Learning (Senai). The main objective of the new centers will be to train specialized labor to operate in the most modern types of energy network.

“The need for expansion comes from Enel’s commitment to guaranteeing the training of professionals to carry out activities in a 100% safe way. With the centers, we will train more specialized professionals to perform the installation, construction, operation and maintenance of networks with the new technologies that are already being installed by the Enel group throughout Brazil”, evaluates Charles de Capdeville, director of the Infrastructure and Networks area. from Enel Ceará

One of the great novelties of the Training Center is that, based on the 3D simulation, participants will be able to carry out procedures and operations, choosing appropriate equipment and tools. With this technology it is possible to experience the experience of an intervention in the network in a safe way. Another highlight for this year is that the training centers will also have groups exclusively for women. The expectation is to train at least 40 women electricians in 2021 in partnership with the sustainability area, which continues to support energy efficiency projects throughout the state.

In addition to the partnership with Senai, Enel also partnered with the Brazilian Army to train young people who are completing their military service as electricians.

“It’s another way for us to include these young people in the job market. We made the first class last year with 44 students scheduled to graduate next month,” says Charles de Capdeville.