C6 Bank releases facial recognition for in-app transactions

C6 Bank now has an additional layer of protection for transactions carried out in the application. Now, the app can ask the customer to show the face so that the facial biometric authentication is performed and the transaction is carried out. This additional layer of protection is triggered according to rules pre-established by the bank, which bring together a series of variables.

The measure was adopted to increase customer safety. With the risk-based authentication tool, C6 Bank can trigger facial biometrics, a technology that uses the cell phone camera to recognize the user’s face, in transactions such as TED, TEF, Pix and value payments.

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C6 Bank adopts facial recognition as a security measure

If a face other than the account owner is displayed on the biometrics, the app will be permanently disabled on that device. “Someone could have the device stolen and have obtained the app password and the transactional password, but they will not be able to make changes to the account”, explains José Luiz Santana, head of cybersecurity at C6 Bank.

An Ipec/C6 Bank survey, carried out in October 2021, found that one in five Brazilians saves personal passwords in their cell phone notebook. Numerical sequences (such as 1234 or 123456) have already been registered by 10% of people in the password field and 17% have already chosen their birthday as their password.

C6 Bank constantly invests in the security of its application. Since the bank’s foundation, the institution’s security team has participated in all stages of development of each product and functionality included in the app, from conception to delivery.

Tools that ensure customer security

In the account opening process, facial biometrics are used to prove the authenticity of the account owner. The bank asks the person to register their face, scan their document and provide personal data. From the crossing of this information, C6 Bank checks if the customer is himself.

If confirmation does not happen automatically, an alert signal is issued and the account opening process is interrupted until the inconsistency is checked. Facial biometrics are accompanied by the liveness feature (proof of life), which allows the institution to understand if the person requesting an account is actually a person holding the cell phone, and not a photo, for example.

The bank also imposes security barriers to prevent a third party from being able to access the customer’s account. C6 Bank was the first bank in the country to adopt facial biometrics to authorize the app to be used on a certain device. Through a process called secure device activation, the bank asks customers to enter their six-digit password and perform facial recognition whenever they access the bank’s app for the first time with a new cell phone.

In case of theft or loss of the cell phone with the C6 Bank app installed, it is possible to block the bank application in a few minutes by calling the call center (on the number 3003 6116, for capitals and metropolitan regions, or 0800 660 6116, for other locations). You must enter the CPF and the six-digit password used to access the app.

After doing this, the customer will immediately hear the following message: “if your cell phone or C6 card has been lost or stolen, enter 5”. After typing 5, the app and card will be automatically blocked and the call will be redirected to a human operator.

In the case of loss or theft of the credit card, C6 Bank also allows the customer to block the card for use in the bank’s own application. Just go to the “Cards” section in the app and activate the “locked” mode in the field that comes just below the card image, next to the padlock. Later, if the customer finds or retrieves the card, for example, and wants to unblock it, just access the same section and unblock it right there, on the spot.

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