Beblue launches digital account and announces many news

The fintech Beblue was a pioneer in Brazil as a means of payment that allows consumers to increase their purchasing power with a cashback reward system – a feature that returns a percentage of the value to the purchaser. Created in 2016 in the city of Ribeirão Preto, in the interior of São Paulo, the startup received a contribution from the investment fund Vector Inovação e Tecnologia (VIT) in 2019, which has since held corporate control, and also acts as a digital account.

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Beblue will have a digital account with several features

Starting this month, all users can also create a digital account and a virtual debit card that can be used through the Google Pay and Samsung Pay payment systems, including in establishments that are not Beblue partners. To keep the digital wallet stocked, the user only needs to make a transfer through Pix, or through a boleto generated in the application itself, or even use the cashback balance available in the account.

“We are formatting the app with an emphasis on the consumer experience, ensuring it has even more benefits in one place. In these first two months of the year, we expanded our rewards and cashback operations, which were aimed at physical environments, as well as digital, closing partnerships with e-commerces. This allowed us to serve other segments, such as food delivery, for example, and to pay for the order, the customer only needs to transfer the purchase amounts to the partner registered in the application”, says Sandra Campos, CEO of Beblue.

“And the news does not stop there. The fintech will launch more resources in the coming months, expanding the range of financial transactions offered, such as the option of cell phone recharge, physical debit and credit cards, in addition to the payment of consumer bills, such as water, electricity and telephone”, concludes the statement. executive.

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With the new features, Beblue enhances its reach as a true loyalty and marketing platform, being able to promote increasingly targeted and assertive cashback campaigns, based on transactional information that allows tracing the profile of customers according to their consumption habits. In addition, fintech is taking the first steps to become a super app through a full service digital account.

In six years of operation, the platform has already served more than 5.5 million users and totaled 8.1 million downloads of the application, with more than 39 million transactions carried out, moving R$ 2.6 billion to date. The startup’s new services will expand the offer of cashback in online stores, mobile recharges, payment of slips and credit cards, in addition to covering the physical squares in the cities of Ribeirão Preto and Bragança Paulista, in São Paulo; Rio Verde, in Goiás; Uberlândia, in Minas Gerais; and Bagé and Pelotas, in Rio Grande do Sul (RS).

About Beblue

Founded in 2016, in the city of Ribeirão Preto (SP), the fintech Beblue was a pioneer in Brazil as a means of payment that allows consumers to increase their purchasing power with a cashback reward system. In 2019, the startup underwent organizational and technological restructuring after a contribution received from the investment fund Vector Inovação e Tecnologia (VIT), which also holds corporate control. And, in 2022, it announced its role as a digital wallet, allowing a series of financial transactions to be carried out in one place. Learn more:

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