‘Rest of Rich’: Buying Used Luxury Car Looks Attractive, But Carries Great Risk | Used and Used

Imagine the following situation: you dreamed for years of buying a luxury import, but the zero km model was incompatible with your budget. So, with a quick internet search you can find the vehicle you’ve always been looking for at an affordable price. The problem? It has a few years of use and the interior looks worn out. Is it still worth the investment?

The so-called “remains of rich” are used premium and luxury cars, with high mileage and some more severe wear. Therefore, the price equivalent to that of a popular zero km model becomes attractive. However, by taking the necessary precautions, it is possible to get a good deal without getting into trouble.

high maintenance cost

According to Milad Kalume Neto, business manager at Jato Dynamics do Brasil, the owner must take into account any expenses that weigh more in the pocket when the used car is a luxury one. “First, maintenance ends up being more expensive.”

Some parts, in addition to being more difficult to find in the domestic market, have much higher prices than those offered for national cars, precisely because they are imported, original and scarce, depending on the case. Before purchasing, it is important to research the model parts stock in Brazil.

It is worth remembering that special series and configurations that sold little here tend to have an even smaller variety of replacement components. This comes up against another issue: qualified maintenance. “Some mechanics may even refuse to touch the car. That’s why it’s important to take it to competent labor services, such as specialized workshops.”

The “remains of rich” are used premium and luxury cars with high mileage and greater wear — Photo: Autoesporte

The buyer also needs to pay close attention to the insurance value. “The price varies according to the insurance company and the person’s profile, however the policy for imported luxury models is usually more expensive than for domestic vehicles”, says the executive.

Another problem is that, due to the high cost of ownership, this type of car tends to depreciate more. “The imported one has a greater devaluation than a national one. But there are exceptions, since it is a niche market”, says Kalume Neto. An example is the classic Porsche models, which can reach prices well above the table due to high demand.

The basic guide when looking for a used one — and this goes for both an imported luxury model and a popular national one — must be followed to the letter. Demand from the previous owner proof of maintenance and periodic revisions, inspections at the Detran, ask about daily use and check the mileage and possible damages.

“It is important to understand the history of the car. In the old ones, it is common to find taps. However, if they are more structural damage, do not close the deal.”

Some parts, in addition to being more difficult to find in the domestic market, are more expensive — Photo: Autoesporte

Kalume Neto also warns about the vehicle whose status is not in “tune” with the number registered on the odometer. “The car has low mileage, but it’s all frayed, with torn seats and worn steering wheel. These indicators show that it must have a much higher mileage than indicated. These are indirect hints that reveal that the car has probably had some tampering with the mileage.”

When the alms are too much, the saint is suspicious: if the car was advertised for a price much lower than the market average, activate your alerts at full power. It may be that the seller is “hiding” some serious defects and wants to get rid of the “bomb”. The car may, for example, have structural problems, be without maintenance or even without documentation.

Finally, a test drive is always welcome to get to know the dynamics and see how the vehicle behaves. “It’s even worth taking a trusted mechanic to do the inspection. If he finds any problem, he will let you know”, concludes Neto.

Checklist before buying a used imported car:
– Check the spare parts offer
– Look for specialist workshops close by
– Get a model insurance quote
– Find out about the car’s history: maintenance, revisions and documentation
– Check if the price is in the market average
– See if the finish and the condition of the
– Vehicle matches the mileage
– If possible, take a test drive

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