Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross 2023 seeks a place in the moonlight

Since the Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross was launched in Brazil, it has only been the subject of controversy. Controversial rear look, name borrowed from a national sports flagship and dangerously positioned between the ASX and Outlander that were selling well. Result? It didn’t take off. But Mitsubishi wants to change that.

With national production and the first restyling, the brand transformed the controversial style into the biggest attraction of the medium SUV. In addition, it refined the model’s dynamics in search of a moonlit place in the segment. Since the sunset belongs to the Jeep Compass and no other model dares to take it from there, no matter how hard the Toyota Corolla Cross even tries.

undeniable attraction

You can’t look at the Eclipse Cross and not find it very beautiful. It was an effect that only the Peugeot 3008 could achieve in the category. The futuristic front with thin daytime running LED connected to the front grille and three giant LED blocks at the height of the bumper give a charm that no other Mitsubishi has today.

Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross [Auto+ / João Brigato]

The rear has improved a lot. It lost the split glass in the best Pontiac Aztek style to adopt a more traditional, but still daring, set. The taillights slightly invade the trunk lid and have something reminiscent of the Nissan Kicks. The bumper swelled and the strange corner of the trunk disappeared.

Inside, more of the same. The style is not as modern as it is out there, being part of an older visual language. Still, the finish is exquisite, with soft parts everywhere and well assembled. Well above Corolla Cross and Taos, but still very close to the level of 3008 and Compass.

Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross 2023
Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross 2023 [divulgação]

The driving position is higher than I’d like for the Eclipse Cross’s sporty visual grip. But the rear space is good for the knees, just cramped in the ceiling. Me, at 1.87 m tall, I shave my head on the ceiling with ease. The trunk with 473 liters is wide and spacious, but a little shallow and with a significant step in relation to the end of the car’s lid.

run premium type

Behind the wheel, what stands out most about the Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross is the ride quality. It runs smooth, silent and with excellent acoustic insulation and asphalt imperfections. The suspension was well-crafted to deal with road impacts, even the most severe, without transmitting vibrations or discomfort to passengers. Even when she is harassed.

Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross [Auto+ / João Brigato]
Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross [Auto+ / João Brigato]

In this touch we have the 1.5 four-cylinder turbo gasoline engine. With 165 hp and 25.5 kgfm of torque, it has intermediate numbers between Jeep Compass and VW Taos. The delivery also follows this approach, being enough to not even come close to the feeling of a lame car, at the same time that it is not as smart as the Volkswagen model.

It is enough, so to speak. The advantage is a moderate consumption of 10.2 km/l in the city and 11.6 km/l on the highway. To get to those numbers, the simulated eight-speed CVT transmission tries to throw the RPM down all the time. He took his foot off the gas and the Eclipse Cross desperately threw the tachometer down.

Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross [Auto+ / João Brigato]
Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross [Auto+ / João Brigato]

When accelerating, it causes the waxing effect with the pointer glued to the turning limit while the Eclipse Cross gains speed. At least it actually runs, contrary to what some other models do with this same type of gearbox. But where the Mitsubishi excels is in the corners.

Neutrality too much

Neutral rolling suspension is well-prepared for the toughest corners, keeping the body in place. Aided by smart all-wheel drive, the Eclipse Cross even feels like a big hatch on more winding roads.

Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross [Auto+ / João Brigato]
Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross [Auto+ / João Brigato]

The fast steering helps with that, too bad it has an inexplicable dead center with excessive and dangerous lightness on the road that requires moving the steering wheel at high speeds. It is also well anesthetized, not passing anything that happens on the asphalt to the driver. It’s great for those looking for comfort, but bad for those looking for a sporty drive.

Serial items with a lack

For R$ 221,990, the top-of-the-line HPE-S version offers what you’d expect from the category: full-LED headlights with automatic high beam, electronic parking brake, sunroof, autonomous emergency braking, blind spot alert, lane keeping, adaptive autopilot and face-to-face keying. The price rises to R$ 232,990 if you opt for four-wheel drive as the tested unit.

Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross [Auto+ / João Brigato]
Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross [Auto+ / João Brigato]

The autopilot was not very well calibrated and was an unnecessarily long distance from the car in front, even in the shortest mode. In addition, the lane change alert does not intervene on the brakes or steering wheel to correct the car’s trajectory, something that other models do.


Among the alternatives to the Jeep Compass, the Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross finally stands out for its undeniably sharp look and fun driving like a big hatch. The price, which was once an impediment to its success, is still higher than the category average, but not as far away as before.

Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross [Auto+ / João Brigato]
Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross [Auto+ / João Brigato]

Well-made finishing and a well-assembled list of serial items are also other highlights. But to get a spot in the sun, it definitely deserved a better direction and a little more power. The renovation has finally made it an attractive product in the category and definitely Mitsubishi’s coolest SUV.

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