Luxury cars stolen in false parking in the Allianz Parque region total more than R$ 1.5 million, says Civil Police | Sao Paulo

The price of the cars taken by the gang, according to the delegate investigating the case, ranges from R$800,000 to R$50,000. According to Reinaldo Vicente Castello, the suspicion is that the thieves chose the vehicles they wanted to take. In total, seven vehicles were stolen.

“We have cars that cost BRL 800,000 and others that cost BRL 50,000. The impression it gives is that they are chosen positioning cars, deliberately the type of model they wanted”, said the holder of the 23rd Police District of partridges.

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Delegate Reinaldo Vicente Castello, of the head of the 23rd Police District of Perdizes, in the West Zone of São Paulo. — Photo: Reproduction / TV Globo

Before having the cars stolen, the victims paid from R$50 to R$150 so that they could stop the vehicles in the land invaded by the gang on the night of the show, to serve as a false parking lot.

“It appears in some reports that some paid BRL 50. Other people said they paid up to BRL 150. There was no pattern. The suspicion is that as the flow of vehicles in the area increased, they also increased the amount of gain, which actually was just an attraction, a decoy. The final intention was to subtract the vehicles. The charge was just a way for them to demonstrate the legality of charging for parking”, said Vicente Castello.

Video shows how gang used fake parking to steal cars during concert

A security camera around the parking lot recorded how the gang used the land as a false parking lot to steal the cars of fans during a Maroon 5 show in Pompéia, West Zone of São Paulo. (look above).

The images were obtained by TV Globo.

The victims left their cars at the scene believing that the seven people who took care of the space were valets and owners of a parking lot that is close to the stadium where the show took place.

Scenes show that, around 4:30 pm on Tuesday, a man in an orange vest approached the private lot and broke the chain, breaking down the gate.

Ten minutes later, he and another partner open the gate and enter. Soon after, a car enters.

During the night, they call other drivers to park their vehicles on the spot. Some of them would have left their keys with the fake valets.

Around 7:30 pm, a flannel leaves with a bag from the parking lot. Then the criminals leave with the first stolen car, an imported pickup truck. Around 9 pm, another imported vehicle is taken by the bandits. Four companions help maneuver the car.

Police investigate theft of cars from Maroon 5 fans in clandestine parking after the band’s concert in a stadium – Photo: Bernardo Bortolotto/TV Globo

Around 11 pm, a driver who had left his car in the fake parking lot returns from the show and can’t find his car or the people who identified themselves earlier as responsible for the place. Almost 20 minutes later, more victims arrive on the ground and cannot find their cars.

According to witnesses heard this Friday (8) by the report, other drivers said that their cars were broken into and their belongings taken. The total number of damaged vehicles was not reported by the police.

Stolen and broken into cars

Fake parking at show on the west side

Fake parking at show on the west side

According to witnesses, drivers who had their cars stolen said they had left their vehicles with false valets. And when they went back to get their cars after the show, they found neither the cars nor the parking attendants.

The report found that on the land where the clandestine parking lot used to be, there was once a house, which was demolished a few months ago. Witnesses also said that the owners did not know that thieves had broken the lock on the gate that surrounds the land to collect money from drivers who wanted to park there.

What does Allianz Parque say?

In a statement, Allianz Parque, where the Maroon 5 concert took place, reported that it has nothing to do with the parking lot where the cars were stolen and broken into near the stadium.

“Our parking lot does not have valet parking facilities (it is self-parking) and the entire operation is carried out within the premises of Allianz Parque. In addition, we encourage official communication channels (website and social networks) about the official parking service, including encouraging early booking”, informs a statement released by the stadium administration.

Adam Levine leads the presentation of Maroon 5 in São Paulo — Photo: Fábio Tito/g1

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