last day of the repechage for those born after 1984

This Saturday (16th) the deadline for redeeming forgotten money in banks ends, within the schedule that started last March 28 within the Values ​​Receivable (SVR) calendar, for individuals and legal entities.

For today, the recap is valid for groups from April 11th to 15th, that is, citizens born or companies opened after 1984.

The Amounts Receivable system will be closed between April 17 and May 1 for “reformulation”, according to the Central Bank. As of May 2, a new update will be able to yield new redemptions, even to those who have already withdrawn some money in the first phase.

The release of values ​​is made according to the citizen’s date of birth or the opening of his company, as has happened until now. Access to the system is available throughout the day, not just for a certain hourly interval. (Check the full calendar below)

The Central Bank created the SRV so that the population can check if they have forgotten money in bank accounts that have already been closed or due to fees charged unduly in credit operations.

Until last Thursday (24), according to the BC, more than 2.8 million individuals and companies had already requested the redemption of values, totaling R$ 245.8 million.

See below how the rounds of release of values ​​were:


  • March 28: citizens born or companies open until 1947;
  • March 29: from 1948 to 1954;
  • March 30: from 1955 to 1959;
  • March 31: from 1960 to 1963;


  • April 1: citizens born or companies open from 1964 to 1967;
  • April 2: recap for all the above groups;
  • April 3: closed;
  • April 4: 1968 to 1971;
  • April 5: 1972 to 1975;
  • April 6: 1976 to 1979;
  • April 7: 1980 to 1981;
  • April 8: 1982 to 1983;
  • April 9: new recap (groups from April 4 to 8);
  • April 10: closed;
  • April 11: citizens born or companies open from 1984 to 1985;
  • April 12: 1986 to 1988;
  • April 13: 1989 to 1992;
  • April 14: 1993 to 1997;
  • April 15: 1998 onwards;
  • April 16: recap (groups from April 11 to 15).

new queries

The Values ​​Receivable system will be closed between April 17 and May 1 for “reformulation”, according to the BC. From this, a new update may yield new redemptions, even to those who have already withdrawn some money in the first phase.

“The system will have new information passed on by financial institutions. That is, even those who have already redeemed their funds and those who did not have amounts receivable in the first stage must consult the system again, as the data will be updated and there may be a new resource”, he explained. the BC in a newsletter distributed to the press.

In addition, as of May 2, there will be no more need to schedule an appointment, and the redemption of values ​​can be requested at the first appointment.

beware of scams

The only site for consultation and transfer requests for forgotten amounts in banks is The BC does not contact citizens directly to deal with this money or ask for confirmation of personal data.

Never click on suspicious links sent by email, SMS, WhatsApp or Telegram, or make any kind of payment to access the values.

Neither the BC nor the financial institutions will require you to provide personal data or passwords to release the money.

How do I know if I have receivables?

After entering CPF and date of birth on the website, the consumer or company is redirected to another window. If there are amounts receivable, a green checkmark will appear in the left corner. The information on the date and time of the new query will appear on the right side, when it will be known when, in fact, the forgotten value is.

If you do not have money to be returned, the following message will appear: “You currently have no amounts receivable”.

But those who consulted the tool and saw that the balance was zero may have more chances from May.