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In the 33rd week of the Super League, Kasımpaşa and Adana Demirspor are fighting for 3 points. Kasimpasa, who left 32 matches in the Super League with 11 wins, 8 draws and 13 losses, has 41 points. Adana Demirspor, which won 14 of the matches it played in the league, drew in 10 and lost 8, has 52 points.



The match has started.

He could not take advantage of a clear goal in the second minute of the match. Goalkeeper Muriç deflected Tunay Torun’s hard shot in the penalty area. The bouncing ball remained in front of Fall. However, the hard shot of the experienced football player remained in the side nets.

In the 10th minute of the match, the host Kasımpaşa came very close to the goal. The pressure paid off, and Ben Ouanes was introduced in the cross on the ball that was won. Hajradinovic, who came from behind, hit his pass. Intervening at the last moment, the defense sent the ball to the corner with a critical touch.

Goal after carrom

GOAL | In the 11th minute of the match, Kasımpaşa went ahead 1-0 with Doğucan Haspolat’s goal. Following the corner used by the home team from the right, Tunay centered in front of the right touchline. In the big carrom that occurred after Donk’s head shot in front of the goal area, Doğucan hit the ball hard over the penalty spot, which the defense couldn’t get away with. Again, returning from the defense, Doğucan completed the ball with his left foot this time, and managed to send the ball into the net.

When the minutes showed 21 in the match, Kasımpaşa again became the side that created the danger. In the attack developing from the right wing, Muleka turned the ball from the last line to the middle and hit the far corner when Fall came from the goal area. Goalkeeper Muric successfully reached out and took possession of the ball.

Brilliant shot from Balotelli

In the 27th minute, this time Adana Demirspor approached the goal with Balotelli. The star football player, who met the ball behind the penalty arc, sent a delicious shot towards the upper right corner with the inside of his right foot. Kasımpaşa goalkeeper Ertuğrul managed to take the ball to the corner with the same beauty.

In the 45th minute, Kasımpaşa was effective again. Muelak, who caught the ball in the midfield, quickly moved in from the right wing in Kasımpaşa. Tunay hit his pass from the front line of the penalty area, the ball went auta from the top.

Kasimpasa took the lead to 2

GOAL | 45+1. In the last minute, Kasımpaşa increased the difference to 2-0 with his name Muleka in the last period. While Adana Demirspor was loaded with all its lines, Kasımpaşa managed to catch the ball and hung well behind the defense. Carrying the ball from the centre, Muleka saw Hadergjonaj on his right and jogged inside. On the penalty spot, the Congolese football player picked up the ball again and sent the ball into the nets with a smooth kick, making the score 2-0.

RED CARD | 45+3. Adana Demirspor’s star player Mario Balotelli was left out of the game with a direct red card after his hard action against his opponent. Experienced football player will not be able to play in the Trabzonspor match, which will be played next week with this card. While Doğucan, who met the ball in the middle round, wanted to move to the right, Balotelli stepped on his opponent’s leg from the right side. After this position, referee Kadir Sağlam showed the Italian football player a direct red card.

The first half of the fight was passed with the superiority of Kasımpaşa 2-0 and the teams made their way to the locker room.

Adana Demirspor started the second half of the match by making substitutions. While Gökhan İnler and Rassoul came to the side, Alper Uludağ and Assombalonga were the names that entered the game.

Empty position escaped

The home team started the second half of the match effectively. In the 47th minute, Hajradinovic found an empty field with the ball he saved from Tayyip and entered the penalty area by dribbling. Despite facing the goalkeeper, Hajradinovic sent the ball wide from the side.

Penalty missed

After Belhanda’s move to Fall in the penalty area in the 53rd minute of the match, referee Kadir Sağlam showed the penalty spot and Kasımpaşa won a penalty. Heading the ball, Hadergjonaj could not pass his fellow Kosovar Muric and could not take advantage of the chance to increase the gap. Adana Demirspor’s net keeper, who stretched well to his right, did not allow the penalty to be scored.

Muleka on stage again

GOAL | In the 63rd minute, Muleka Kasimpasa scored the goal that brought the score 3-0. In the home team, Hajradinovic grabbed the ball from Belhanda in the midfield, and Fall carried the ball inside from the right wing. Muleka from the right diagonal of the penalty area hit the corner hard without waiting and once again managed to shake the net. With this goal, Muleka increased the number of goals to 9.

Umut Bozok turned the penalty into a goal

GOAL | In the 72nd minute of the fight, Kasımpaşa won a penalty once again. Mustafa Kapı, who has just entered the game, dropped his opponent in his own penalty area and the referee showed the white point. Umut Bozok, who was in charge of the ball, managed to send the ball to the nets and brought the score to 4-0. With this goal, Umut Bozok caught El Kaabi in the top scorer race.

Kasımpaşa – Adana Demirspor 11s…

Kasimpasa: Ertuğrul Taşkıran, Hadergjonaj, Ryan Donk, Tarkan, Eren Elmalı, Doğucan, Hajradinovic, Tunay Torun, Fall, Ben Ouanes, Muleka.

Adana Demirspor: Muriç, Svensson, Tayyip Talha, Samet Akaydın, Rassoul, Stambouli, Gökhan İnler, Yunus Akgün, Belhanda, Vargas, Balotelli.