Gonzalo Frías found the 20 hidden Netflix movies that no one can miss

With the advent of platforms transmission the range of options was expanded with movies and series to enjoy alone or with the family. And although watching something is a very easy process and does not require much time, many users spend minutes or even hours choosing a movie to enjoy.

This is the case of Netflix, who even released a new feature where the platform recommends a random series, movie or documentary to enjoy. But for those who want to go directly to a title, there are other options such as third-party recommendations.

The writer and host of the film program Séptimo Vicio, Gonzalo Frías, published on his Twitter account a list of 20 films from different parts of the world that are hidden in the catalog and that no one can miss. If you want to surprise yourself with new content, check out the list below.

one. The Scorching Sun (Taiwan, 2019)

Directed by Mong-Hong Chung, it portrays the life of “a family of four weighed down by unfulfilled expectations, unexpected tragedies, and uncompromising pride.” On the IMDb movie portal it has a score of 7.5/10.

two. The Distinguished Citizen (Argentina, 2016)

Starring Oscar Martinez (Wild Tales) shows the life of a famous writer and winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature, who refuses to attend all the awards ceremonies that are invited to him, but he does agree to return to his hometown in Argentina, something that little by little becomes the worst decision of his life.

3. Burning (Korea, 2018)

It features the participation of Steven Yeun (The Walking Dead) and tells the story of Jongsu, a delivery man who, while working, meets an old neighbor, Haemi, who asks him to take care of her cat while she goes on a trip to Africa. Upon returning, she is accompanied by a mysterious man.

4. Midsommar (USA/Sweden, 2019)

Directed and written by Ari Aster, who has recently become one of the best horror film directors. The story focuses on Dani, played by Florence Pugh, who along with her boyfriend arrive in a small town in Sweden to study her traditions, but slowly begin to experience a series of supernatural events, charged with violence.

5. Like Stars on Earth (India, 2007)

A new teacher comes to change the life of an eight-year-old boy who is seen as someone troublesome and without much of a future. Through art Ram manages to understand him and create a world for him.

like stars on earth

6. Dhanak (India, 2015)

A girl describes to her blind brother the movies inside the cinema, together they venture to meet a very famous actor to help them recover the boy’s sight. This film, also from India, is pure humanity, pure heart”, says Frías.

7. The Night Come for Us (Indonesia/USA, 2018)

The member of a criminal gang returns home after spending time abroad. Upon returning he finds himself in the middle of a pitched battle with his family.

8. Of body and soul (Hungary, 2017)

this hungarian movie tells the life of Endre, the manager of a slaughterhouse who lives isolated from the world without sharing with the rest due to his disability. In the midst of this isolation he meets Mária, a new worker with whom he discovers a life full of dreams in common.

9. Ex-Machina (England, 2014)

Starring Oscar Isaac, Domhnall Gleeson and Alicia Vikander, it follows the life of a computer programmer who is invited by the owner of the company he works for to his home to discuss a new project. Nathan, his boss, is known for being eccentric and taking ideas to the limit, this new project is no exception and he tries to play God.

10. Lazzaro Felice (Italy, 2018)

It is the story of Lazzaro, a peasant with a very good heart who meets Tancredi, from a high social class who needs to fake his own kidnapping, for that he takes advantage of the nobility of the young Lazzaro.

11. Mother! (United States, 2017)

Directed by Darren Aronofsky and starring Javier Bardem alongside Jennifer Lawrence. The critics are divided between those who believe that it is a masterpiece and those who think that it is one of the worst films in existence. A psychological thriller that sees a couple isolated in an old mansion.

12. Setback (Spain, 2016)

To be on the edge of the seat at all times due to the tension it produces. Follow the story of Adrian (Mario Casas), a millionaire businessman accused of murder who has three hours to build his defense and prove that he is innocent.

13. Akira (Japan, 1988)

“The pinnacle of anime, nothing was ever the same again. He raised Otomo to Olympus. Without Akira, there is no Matrix, and many dystopian worlds of cinema are influenced by this film. They say that Jodorowsky advised Otomo about the ending during a night of drinks”, recommends the writer.

14. A shadow in my eye (Denmark, 2022)

Based on an attack by the British Air Force on one of the Gestapo headquarters in Denmark. The attack accidentally bombed a school, killing 86 children.

15. Amanda Knox (United States, 2016)

Documentary that tells the story of Amanda Knox, accused of murdering her friend Meredith while she was on an exchange in Italy. Amanda was convicted but ultimately found not guilty, though questions about her involvement remain to this day.

16. Night in Paradise (Korea, 2021)

The story of Tae-gu, a mafia member who decides to leave behind his life of crime to protect his sister and nephew. His desire is frustrated when they both are killed in an attack, which leads him to embark on a path of revenge for his family.

17. Rush (UK/US, 2013)

Starring Daniel Brühl and Chris Hemsworth. Based on the 1970s, the golden age of Formula 1 and the rivalry between drivers James Hunt and Niki Lauda.

18. About Time (UK, 2013)

Directed by Richard Curtis, the screenwriter of love actually. A film about the importance of family and of living each moment as if it were the last, because not even all time travel can bring back what we lose. The story of a family of time travelers, and the learning that this ability entails.

19. Big Fish and Begonia (China, 2016)

“If you like Ghibli, this Chinese animated film is not far behind. What a feeling when mythology, nature, spirits and humanity merge and absorb you in such a way! Enjoy with family. Instead of losing it, lose yourself in it”, recommends Frías.

20. The Disciple (India, 2021)

A journey about reaching perfection. Sharad has worked all his life to become an Indian classical music musician, learning from his father and the teachings of great masters, but as he grows up and time goes by he begins to question whether perfection and happiness can really be achieved.