Frontier 2023 modernizes to help Nissan grow more in Brazil and Argentina – 04/17/2022

After a global presentation in 2020, the new Nissan Frontier is finally coming to Brazil. The look was significantly changed, the pickup received reinforcements in the structure and became safer by absorbing the new technologies of semi-autonomous driving.

Along with this, Nissan do Brasil also reinforced the line with three new versions: the SE, which becomes the cheapest option with automatic transmission, plus two new ones positioned as tops of the line: Plantinum and PRO 4X.

Frontier PRO 4X: new design rejuvenated the pickup

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The first impact is the rejuvenation of the Frontier, which has new and imposing lines at the front. The Platinum and PRO 4X versions carry the same content.

The basic difference is in the look, with more sophistication and urban vocation for the Platinum, and a lot of adventurous appeal in the PRO 4X. But in both, the front with a larger grille integrated into the headlights with LED lighting and which have a different shape, with four square elements, was cool.

They were beautiful and efficient, guaranteeing 30% greater brightness for the high beam and 20% for the low beam, as reported by Nissan. At the rear, a good news too, with a higher bucket, redesigned lid and taillights, and the new bumper with a step in the middle for easier access.

On the PRO 4X, no chrome details: grille, mirrors, door handles and wheel arch moldings are darkened, and in several places there are red accents to create a nice contrast. New and different is still the color called Gray Shark, applied in the PRO 4X version.

Frontier PRO 4X - Disclosure - Disclosure

Technological look: LED headlights have four square projectors

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Robust mechanics remain the same

The options for the engine and transmission set remain the same. The engine is a 2.3-liter diesel, with turbo and biturbo versions. Exclusive to the S version – the entry one – the turbodiesel engine has 163 horsepower, 43.3 kgfm and is always accompanied by a 6-speed manual gearbox.

The other versions are always equipped with the 2.3 biturbo 190 horsepower and 45.9 Kgfm of torque, and the transmission is a seven-speed automatic with 04 driving modes: Standard, Sport, off-Road and Tow (tow).

With the strongest engine, it has a lot of disposition for those who think of Frontier for heavy work or 4×4 adventures. In the quick launch test-drive, I was able to experience the ease of the PRO 4X version in heavy mud stretches and how much the available resources make the driver’s job easier. You can take advantage of the available torque from the engine’s 1,500 rpm and good angles of attack and departure: 31.6º and 25.7º, respectively, in addition to the ground clearance of 25.2 cm.

On asphalt, the same thing goes very well, with a good level of comfort and silence on board for the proposal of a pickup mounted on a chassis. This is a result also provided by another positive point already known from Frontier, which has the multilink system with helical springs at the rear working together with the rigid axle. And now, like the VW Amarok, it has disc brakes on the rear wheels.

Evolution in security

In the cabin, Frontier has evolutions and improvement in finish. Interesting is the solar roof with electrical control, which remains as Frontier’s exclusivity in this segment in our market. On the PRO 4X, the finish is all dark and with many details in red, following the external visual proposal.

The new instrument panel has improved and now has a 7-inch color TFT screen in the center, where different information and truck settings are presented. The steering wheel has also changed – it’s the same as the Kicks – the multimedia system screen is 8 inches and brings together the standard features for the category, including mirroring with smartphones, but it still requires the use of a cable. The air conditioning is digital two-zone and offers outputs to the rear seat.


Kicks steering wheel and new dashboard with 8″ multimedia screen


Now, the most interesting thing when we go inside the new Frontier, are the new security features, standard items in the high-end versions. The pickup is equipped, for example, with frontal collision alert with emergency braking and lane departure that corrects the steering wheel acting on the brakes, fatigue, blind spot and cross-traffic alerts, plus the 360º vision system with 04 cameras and that detects moving objects near the vehicle.

Very good, but could be even better if it had ACC, the adaptive cruise control. However, it has an asset: Frontier’s forward collision warning system brings an evolution: it can monitor two vehicles in front, not just the one closest to the front. All of these features are part of the Nissan Intelligent Safety Shield package.

With all this, the Nissan Frontier pickup was well reinforced to expand its claims in the domestic market, including maintaining the 2021 prices for the already known versions.

In fact, the Frontier is a key model for Nissan’s current objective, which will prioritize a smaller product line, but with more quality and versatility. And for that, it also confirmed investments in the region and a very fine-tuned work between Brazil and Argentina, where it produces the Kicks and Frontier models, so as not to lose the momentum of growing sales in the region.

Nissan Frontier 2023 price

Version s 2.3 turbodiesel manual: BRL 230,197

Platinum version of McLaren Pro 4X 2.3 AUT: BRL 314,590