By the end of 2022, Brazil should have 100,000 electric cars on the road

Did you know that Brazil will have, by the end of this year, 100,000 electric powered cars? This is what the Brazilian Electric Vehicle Association (ABVE) estimates. In addition, between January 2021 and January 2022, there was a 93% increase in the number of electric car registrations, further fostering the debate about the future being “electric”.

Another survey by the Big Data Institute shows that more than 70% of Brazilians consider buying an electric car as their next vehicle purchase. This scenario should be the guiding thread of the 4th Mobisul – International Mobility Congress, which takes place from April 26 to 30, at the events center of the Federal Institute of Santa Catarina (IFSC) – Florianópolis-Continente campus, in Coqueiros. Totally free, the event will have the presence of national and international speakers.

With the theme “The challenges and opportunities of sustainable mobility”, the event is limited to 250 people per day and there are few spaces left. It will be mandatory to present proof of vaccination and the use of mask. There will also be remote, live transmission, requiring registration. To see the full schedule and register, visit . Everyone will receive a certificate of participation.

About Mobisul

The Congress will have plenary sessions, debates, workshop and the 1st Electric and Hybrid Vehicles Fair of SC. On the 26th, the Smart Cities Fiesc Camerawith the theme “Renewable and clean energy: perspectives for the future and solar energy projects”, in addition to the inauguration of the third largest solar plant in the state in a single address, installed on the IFSC Florianópolis-Continente campus, with 370 kW.

The event takes place at IFSC Florianópolis-Continente, where the third largest solar plant in the state will be inaugurated in a single address

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Another attraction planned for the event will be the Renault Zoe electric vehicle, used by the Legislative Assembly of Santa Catarina, resulting from a partnership with the IFSC, which includes the installation of an electric station at the Legislative headquarters.

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The international program will include the participation of Gabriel B. Caselli Ostermann, from British Columbia (Canada); Carlos F. da S. Ramos, from the Higher Institute of Engineering (Porto/PT); José H. Querido Maia, from the Polytechnic Institute of Setúbal/PT; Ismael Soto Gomes, from the University of Santiago de Chile; Luiz Fernando Oliveira, from Renault America; and Edgar M. Rodrigues, World Program Manager at Embraer/Eve Air Mobility, which produces electric vertical take-off and landing aircraft and urban air mobility infrastructure.

As a final result, a letter will be prepared with effective suggestions for urban mobility actions, within the scope of the executive and legislative powers. The document will have the participation of all segments that are in the 4th Mobisul.

— There is an urgent need for regulation of public actions, such as the dissemination of urban mobility forums and the improvement of the Statute of Cities, with an emphasis on improving the quality and efficiency of displacements by the populations — explains one of the coordinators of the 4th Mobisul , André Ostermann.

electric cars in Brazil
According to André Ostermann, Mobisul will make suggestions for urban mobility actions, within the scope of the executive and legislative powers

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Present at the opening will be the rector of the IFSC, Professor Maurício Gariba Jr.; the mayor of Florianópolis, Topázio Neto; the president of the Legislative Assembly of SC, deputy Moacir Sopelsa; the President of the Court of Justice, judge João Henrique Blasi; and Governor Carlos Moisés da Silva.

The 4th Mobisul is a realization of Sindepark/SC, Foundation for Research and Innovation Support of the State of SC (Fapesc), Federal Institute of SC (IFSC) and Federation of Trade in Goods, Services and Tourism of SC (Fecomércio). Support: Celesc Distribuição S/A, Brazilian Industrial Research and Innovation Company (EMBRAPII), National Electric Energy Agency (ANEEL), Legislative Assembly of the State of Santa Catarina, WEG, Federation of Industries of SC (FIESC), Electric Mobility Laboratory (Emol), Brazilian Electric Vehicle Association (ABVE), Inova Rent a Car, Mundo Car VEX São José 2022, Majestic and Slaviero hotels. Gold Sponsorship: Zletric and Volvo. Silver sponsorship: Wecharge.

I Mobility Week expands discussion on the electric future

Coincidentally, in the same period, Greater Florianópolis brought together two events on electric mobility. With this, the 4th Mobisul and Mundo Car VEX São José 2022 unified part of their actions to strengthen the impact of the theme in society, thus creating the 1st Mobility Week.

The main joint activity will be the Mobility Stopon the 30th, from 10:45 am. A motorcade of electric vehicles will leave the Iate Clube de Florianópolis to MC Eventos, next to Mundo Car Mais Shopping, crossing the historic Hercílio Luz bridge. Everyone who has electric or converted cars is invited to participate.

With a focus on mobility, clean energy and smart cities, Mundo Car VEX São José 2022 runs from April 28 to 30, at MC Eventos, next to Mundo Car Mais Shopping. More information:

Key industry figures by 2030:

  • 145 million electric vehicles will be circulating around the world (Canaltech)
  • The biggest automakers will no longer make combustion cars
  • 30 million charging points around the world (InsideEVS)
  • BRL 820 billion will be spent annually on charging infrastructure alone
  • Electric cars should share the market with combustion and hybrid models by 2030. The projection is made by the International Energy Agency

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