Where to see the films of Robert Eggers, director who is about to release “The man from the north”

Trailer for “The Man from the North”. (Universal Pictures)

This week Robert Eggers premieres his new movie, north man, which counts again Anya Taylor-Joy between the protagonists as The witchthe first film by the American director that conquered the audience, the box office and specialized critics. For his new proposal, he will get into a Viking story of revenge that will have Alexander Skarsgard at the center of the scene.

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The American director born in New Hampshire only has two feature films in his filmography and with the one that arrives this week there will already be three in his history. This does not prevent him from filming with the best actors available or from accessing projects such as the remake of Nosferatua classic of classics in the history of cinema directed by F. W. Murnau. With a promising career as a director, we review his first two films and where to see them.

The director only has three feature films in his filmography. (Universal Pictures)

The Witch – Netflix

Starring Anya Taylor-Joythe young woman who years later would become a worldwide phenomenon with the series queen’s gambitthe film tells a simple story in the making, but complex from the script. Superb use of montage and photography to get into a story about witches in New England in 1630. Excellent recreation of costumes, well-applied language of the time and setting. Key elements so that the tone of the film accompanies the story and the performance of the actress. The film went through several festivals with great success and then its arrival in commercial cinema was better than expected. Unbeatable cover letter for Eggers.

“The Witch” is set in 1630 New England, when a devoutly Christian family is threatened by the forces of witchcraft and black magic.

The Lighthouse – Star+

The bet was higher. Not in budget, but in ambition. Robert Eggers He told a “small” story again, but the bet was enormous. Their protagonists: Willem Dafoe Y Robert Pattinsonwho put themselves in the shoes of a lighthouse guard and his assistant. The context: locked up for weeks and on the verge of madness on a supposedly cursed island. All filmed in black and white and in a squarer format than usual, a daring choice for an author who is also risky. The second film by the American director managed to convince specialized critics and Hollywood itself.

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A mysterious island will house a veteran lighthouse keeper (Willem Dafoe) and his young assistant (Robert Pattinson) for four weeks. (Universal Pictures)

The Northman – In Theaters

The new movie of Robert Eggersdirector of the just mentioned and fascinating The witch Y The lighthouseYou already have the first reactions of the film that speak of a story of revenge full of blood. They also point out that the film is the most accessible of the director and that it is full of good performances. And everyone agrees that it is an excellent work. They even called it “unbeatable”. the northerner (its original name), is based on the Scandinavian folk tale that inspired the Village of Shakespeare. Eggers obtained a budget of 90 million dollars to present a story in which magic and the wildest side of the human being are released again. In the first official preview of him, he already shows all his letters, among them, the return of Anya Taylor-Joy to work with the director who catapulted his career.

It opens April 21 in theaters.

An epic production that narrates the adventures of a young Viking prince, who wants to avenge the murder of his father. (Universal Pictures)

As the press tour ends north manRobert Eggers continues to work on Nosferatuthe remake of the horror classic, although he assures that his film is cursed and it is because “FW Murnau’s spirit is giving him signs to slow down.” Meanwhile, it remains to wait for the premiere of his latest film, which continues to add thumbs up.


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