Where are the shared electric cars in Fortaleza? See points where VAMO still operates – Ceará

The idea of ​​having a new and comfortable car available without having to buy one is, in general, what drives users of the Alternative Vehicles for Mobility (VAMO), which has been operating in Fortaleza since 2016. Today, however, the shared electric car system has the lowest number of cars since its implementation.

On the station map, available at VAMO websiteare flagged 12 seasonsthat add up 38 vacancies for system cars. On Monday morning (11), there were only 3 vehicles available, distributed in 2 of the points; 36 spots were free.

  • North Shopping Fortaleza: no cars, 4 free spaces;
  • Igreja Matriz da Parangaba: 1 car, 2 free spaces;
  • Church of Nazaré: no cars, 4 free spaces;
  • Praça da Gentilândia: no cars, 2 free spaces;
  • Praça do Ferreira: no cars, 2 free spaces;
  • Praça Luíza Távora: no cars, 3 free spaces;
  • Antônio Prudente Square: no cars, 4 free spaces;
  • Nautical: no cars, 2 free spaces;
  • Shopping Center One: no car, 4 free spaces;
  • Praça da Imprensa: no cars, 4 free spaces;
  • Shopping Iguatemi: no cars, 4 free spaces;
  • Shopping RioMar Papicu: 1 car, 1 free space.

According to Serttel, the company that manages VAMO, Fortaleza has 8 active stations and only 7 cars in circulation – in 2017, six months after the arrival of VAMO in the city, there were 20 vehicles available to the thousand registered users.

Until March of this year, says the company, 760 trips were carried out, an average of 8 a day. The total number of users who have already joined the system reached 5,990 in 2020.

VAMO was implemented in Fortaleza in 2016, with the objective of expanding the use of sustainable transport, since electric cars do not emit polluting gases resulting from the burning of fuels, as reinforced by the City Hall in a note.

According to the management, the government was responsible only for “stimulating” the pilot project, between 2016 and 2020, so that there was no investment of municipal funds in the cars. Asked about the values, Serttel stated that they cannot be disclosed.

How much does a VAMO trip cost?

According to Serttel, VAMO is open every day of the week, from 5 am to 11:59 pm for car pickup, and 24 hours a day for return.

One of the biggest criticisms of the people from Fortaleza about the shared car system was about the prices: to travel for 1 hour, for example, it was necessary to pay R$ 44. For 3 hours, the value reached R$ 110.

In March of that year, the values ​​have been reduced by up to 68%, and are currently even lower.

monthly pass

  • No Single Ticket: BRL 20
  • With Single Ticket: BRL 15

Fees by time of use

  • Up to 30 minutes: BRL 15
  • 31 to 60 minutes: BRL 20
  • 61 to 120 minutes: BRL 30
  • 121 to 180 minutes: BRL 35
  • 181 to 300 minutes: + BRL 0.30 per additional minute
  • More than 300 minutes: + BRL 0.50 per additional minute

On the VAMO website, the user can access simulations to see how much would you pay at certain times of use; and also see what extra amounts you can pay if your vehicle gets dirty or fined, for example.

How to use shared cars in Fortaleza

The registration to drive a VAMO shared electric car in the capital can be done through the website. The registration requirements are:

  • To have National Driver’s License (CNH) category B valid for more than
  • of 1 (one) year;
  • Hold a credit card;
  • Send all required legible and valid copies of documents;
  • Present a credit card invoice owned by the user that will be used to purchase the pass (after registration is completed), with an issue date of up to 90 days;
  • Present proof of address (electricity, water or telephone bill), with an issue date of up to 90 days.