What happens if you add the date kernel to the meat soup?

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We usually throw away the kernel of dates because it is not usable, without expecting that it is rich in many nutrients important for the health of the body.

Date kernels constitute 6-15% of the total weight of ripe dates, and it consists of carbohydrates, dietary fiber, fat, ash and protein, but is it useful instead of throwing it away?

The antioxidant content in date seed oil (DSO) is similar to olive oil, which can be a good source of antioxidants in order to meet consumer requirements, but what if we add it to meat soup?

Dr. Sherine Zaki, head of the Food Safety Committee of the General Syndicate of Veterinarians in Egypt, confirmed, via Facebook, that the date kernel has multiple benefits in the speed of meat settlement, because it works to speed up its cooking and settlement as well, because it contains oily acids such as capric acid and caprynic acid next to acid Lauric, according to the Masrawy website.

She added that the acids contained in the kernel work better than the acids resulting from the cirrhosis that occurs to the carcasses several hours after slaughter, which “softens” the meat tissues and makes them softer and makes them faster in cooking and with a palatable taste.

However, Dr. Hazem Al-Masry, a nutrition expert, confirmed that there is no scientific research confirming the health and safety of using the date kernel while cooking meat, warning against adding it to meat soup, stressing that large quantities of the kernel are a toxic substance because it contains acids that interact with boiling water. And it may lead to poisoning, continuing: “It is completely unreasonable to use even a small amount of it when cooking and subjecting it to boiling.”

Dr. Sayed Hammad, a nutrition consultant at the National Institute of Nutrition, explains that the date kernel has many benefits, rich in fiber, magnesium, potassium, iron, calcium, mineral salts and the antioxidant selenium that helps strengthen the immune system.

He pointed out that it is used in the manufacture of nutritional supplements and medicines, adding that it is up to the housewife to dry it by placing it in the oven at a low temperature so that it does not lose its nutritional value.

Regarding its uses, he said that it is possible to put date kernel powder in moderate quantities on herbal drinks; Calinise, tea, ginger and mint, as well as coffee, and it can also be added to foods eaten during the cooking process, to take advantage of its benefits.

How do we make date kernel powder?
The “healthbenefitstimes” website explains the steps for making Nawiya Dates powder, which are as follows:

Wash the core well with running water.

Leave it for a long time, up to 3 days, until it dries completely.

– After making sure that it is dry, it is crushed well, to take advantage of the benefits of the date kernel.

How to make date kernel oil:
Leave the date kernel in the sun for two days, then grind it well after roasting it.

We add a little olive oil to the powder, then filter it and leave it for 4 days, so that it is also ready for use on the skin and hair.

General benefits of date nuclei
The date kernel contains substances that act as antioxidants that reduce human infection with serious diseases such as the heart.
It works against the cells of the body affected by cancer.

Protects the brain from serious diseases such as Alzheimer’s and neurodegenerative diseases.
The date kernel works on the prevention of human aging disease.

It can be used to improve the condition of a diabetic as it regulates its levels in the body.
It can rid a person of excess weight and protect him from obesity.

Very useful for high blood pressure, as it works to reduce its high rate.
The date kernel reduces the harmful level of cholesterol in the body.

Date kernels will soften the hair if its powder is added with olive oil.
Dates seed powder works to extend hair greatly by mixing it with useful creams or oils.

Dates seed powder with honey fights and prevents colds due to the availability of minerals that kill viruses in it.
It can be used in the coffee industry to add a delicious flavor to it and is caffeine free.

It can be ground and added to smoothies to increase its nutritional value.
Its powder is used to make cake.

It can be used to feed poultry and livestock as fodder.