Vida Group and Lavoia restaurant chain sign a franchise agreement with Go & The Juice

Lavoia, the innovative new UAE-based fine dining restaurant management brand, has partnered with global chain Go & The Juice, and has plans to open 10 new locations in the GCC over the next two years and 50 new locations within the decade. Next

Go & The Juice is one of the world’s fastest-growing F&B franchises, having grown exponentially from a small trendy café in Copenhagen to a global brand with operations in more than 300 locations in 16 countries including New York Reykjavik and now Dubai

The new partnership targets young customers who want to keep up with the latest trends, lead healthy lifestyles and focus on experiences and food

The new franchise will focus on technology, creativity and innovation with the aim of building a win-win partnership among a selective dynamic client base

The first three locations will open this summer in the UAE market, specifically in Mall of the Emirates, Dubai Design District and The Galleria Mall, Al Barsha

Dubai United Arab Emirates: Vida Group and its subsidiary Lavoia have entered into a franchise agreement with the emerging global brand Go & The Juice, a Danish coffee shop chain that offers healthy, contemporary experiences and is today a preferred choice for a young clientele who keeps pace with the latest trends and focuses on experiences Immersive and delicious foods. The agreement stipulates the opening of 10 new stores within the next two years.

La Voba is a modern brand established with the aim of transforming dining experiences, including introducing new and experimental concepts of casual dining with the aim of redefining the food and beverage sector in the GCC.

The franchise agreement marks the arrival of the Lavoia and Go & The Juice brands to the Dubai market as they seek to enhance their prestige, as they represent the ideal combination for success in Dubai given the cosmopolitan nature of their residents, healthy lifestyles and a growing focus on sustainability among the younger generation. The interaction with customers will be full of joy and vitality.

On this occasion, Fahad Al Hokair, CEO of Vida Group, said: “We are proud to sign this distinguished partnership with a modern and strong brand such as ‘Go and the Juice’. I am confident that this partnership embodies an ideal choice for our group, Vida, and its operating arm, La Voya. “Continue their distinguished growth path by adding quality brands to their existing portfolio. I look forward to participating in writing the chapters on the incredible growth story of Go & the Juice in our region.”

In turn, Walid Al-Hajj, CEO of Lavoia Group, said: “Our partnership with ‘Joe & The Juice’ combines two brands that reflect the same values ​​and ethics on many levels. ‘La Voya’ is a company specializing in operating high-end restaurants and focuses on launching a group of We are constantly looking for international franchises, forging new partnerships, entering new markets and opening restaurant chains that maintain direct contact with customers.”

Thomas Norox, CEO of Go & The Juice, said: “Our partnership with Lavoia is an extension of our brand identity. We care about people, and that is what drives our business. Our core philosophy is to push the boundaries of what is possible and spread the benefits of health. We also look forward to making a positive change that includes all aspects of society, and there is no doubt that leaving a distinctive imprint in the Gulf Cooperation Council countries, which embodies a vibrant cultural center, represents an ideal opportunity for us. Fantastic, and we look forward to achieving mutual growth through our unique offerings and experiences and our quest to make a positive impact in people’s lives.”

Lavoia aims to provide new and diverse flavors by introducing new concepts for traditional food and beverage outlets in all the markets in which it operates, confirming the brand’s position as a preferred partner for international brands that are active in the field of restaurant franchises. Despite the restrictions imposed by the pandemic on the global food and beverage sector, Go & The Juice is implementing a rapid expansion strategy as it grows from just a single juice store in Copenhagen to 300 outlets in 16 countries around the world. The leading coffee shop chain plans to double these numbers in the near future.

La Voya will work to provide unique dining experiences by focusing on customers and being selective in selecting its F&B brand partners. The company’s focus is on the concept of Food For Thought, offering a range of experiences at “different” restaurants, rather than grouping brands under its umbrella. LAVOYA’s ability to achieve its goals is due to a dynamic staff team that includes elite industry experts.

Lavoia, which was founded by Walid El Hajj, one of the most famous leaders in the F&B sector in the region, has the mission of; Fahad Al Hokair, a prominent Saudi entrepreneur and founder of Vida Holding, which focuses on the fashion, retail, real estate, and food and beverage sectors; About visualizing momentum, optimism, and positive experiences as she strives for the utmost in authenticity.

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About “Lavuya”:

Founded with the aim of revolutionizing the dining experience, the company introduces new and experimental modern concepts to give a different feel to restaurants in the region. The company derives its name and message from its slogan “Food for the Mind” and seeks to give its customers positive experiences that enhance their optimism, attract their interest and meet their aspirations.

The establishment of La Voya in 2021 is the fruit of joint efforts between Walid Hajj and Fahd Al Hokair. Waleed is an award-winning entrepreneur with an ambitious vision, who made his unique mark in the food and beverage sector by establishing innovative concepts that took the sector to new heights, and emphasized his leadership in food and beverage concepts that combine advanced technologies and distinguished services. Meanwhile, Fahad Al Hokair is a successful and dynamic Saudi entrepreneur with experience in developing franchises, start-ups, operations and investment. He is also the founder of Vida Holdings, a Riyadh-based venture capital and private equity firm that supports more than 15 established and established companies in the fields of fashion, retail, real estate and restaurants, and contributes to their development and innovation by providing them with value and capital that drives their growth.