The controversial (and unheard of) true story behind the series with which Tom Holland will take a break

It’s called ‘The Crowded Room’ and has been developed by Oscar winner Akiva Goldsman. In it, the charismatic performer plays the rapist with dissociative personality disorder Billy Milligan.

He is the hot actor behind the new Spider-Man movies, Uncharted and his great freshness and charisma, but Tom Holland plans to take a break after his next job. This was assured by the actor himself in a statement to CinePOP that went around the world a little over a month ago, but there is no reason to worry, since it will simply be a short break: “I can safely say that after finishing [The Crowded Room, la serie que protagonizar√° para Apple] I’ll take a break,” Hollan said.d. “I’m going to shoot a series that I’m really excited about. It’s a challenging role written by the incredible Akiva Goldsman. I think The scripts are some of the best I’ve ever read, so I’m really excited to do it.”

The project Holland refers to is The Crowded Room, a fiction anthology that has been developed by the Oscar-winning screenwriter for An amazing mind that will be released on Apple TV + in 2023. In it, Holland, who shares the limelight with Amanda Seyfried, Christopher Abbott and Emma Laird, plays one of the most complex roles of his career as a performer, as he will put himself in the shoes of a character inspired by a real person, the multiple personality serial rapist Billy Milligan.

the crowded room It is an anthology series that will explore the inspiring stories of various characters who suffer from mental illness but have been able to learn to live successfully despite them. In fact, a part of the first season is based in part on Goldsman’s own experience, while Holland’s plot is inspired by the biography written by Daniel Keyes The minds of Billy Milligan.

Tom Holland in his most difficult role: rapist, mugger and personality disorder

Holland’s character responds to the name of Danny Sullivan and, although it is only partially based on Milligan, it is still a significant challenge to get into the skin of such an absolutely controversial real figure: that of a man accused of four rapes, three kidnappings and several robberies with violence who became the first person to be acquitted as a result of his dissociative identity disorder.

The unusual true story of Billy Milligan

Billy Milligan, to whom in September 2021 Netflix dedicated the documentary series Monsters Within: The 24 Faces of Billy Milliganwas born in Miami Beach, Florida, in 1955, and His childhood was not easy. He was born into an apparently normal family, but lived through the traumatic death of his father by suicide at a very young age and was sexually abused by his mother’s third husband, as his biography would reveal over the years. Likewise, it is also revealed in Keyes’ book that Milligan began to deal with his first personalities, three specifically, when he was only five years old. With the passage of time she would have up to 24.

In 1977, when he was 22 years old, Billy Milligan was arrested for the kidnapping, robbery and rape of three women on the Ohio State University campus. He was then promptly jailed and appointed public defenders to handle his case. In his first psychiatric evaluation, Milligan revealed that he had not committed any crime: Ragen had been guilty of the robbery of which he was accused and Adalana had carried out the rape of the women, but, in addition to them, Milligan would have eight more personalities. As shared in the trial by the doctors who had treated him and shares Don in an interesting article, the abuses to which Billy had been subjected in his childhood ended up causing his personality to be divided into up to 10 different identities -which would end up being 24- and they knew little or nothing about each other.

Milligan’s trial verdict, in which he was acquitted because of insanity, was the first in which a defendant was found not guilty on the basis of dissociative identity disorder.

Nevertheless, After the trial, Milligan’s life was not exactly a bed of roses in freedom after being declared innocent of his crimes, but rather the opposite. For years, and this is reflected in the Netflix documentary series, the defendant was interned in various psychiatric hospitals until his escape in 1986. He was captured again months later after having lived under a false identity and, although he was never convicted of it, He is the prime suspect in two murders.

In 1988 he was evaluated again and, after it was determined that he did not pose any danger to society after a decade in hospital, he was released. He died of cancer in 2014, at the age of 59, after a life dedicated to art and having founded a small audiovisual production company.

Over time, The case of Billy Milligan continues to arouse interest, since then all the media attention was focused on the interest that everything related to his diagnosed multiple personality disorder aroused and very little in his victims. Today, in fact, dissociative identity disorder remains a controversial diagnosis since there are still no medical tests that can prove it and various professionals in psychiatry maintain absolutely opposite positions on the matter.

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