The best apps to check TV programming on your mobile


Don’t miss any premiere! With these apps you will know when your favorite series or program will be broadcast.

Today there is an overabundance of offers to see all kinds of TV shows, movies, and seriesnot only from open or cable channels, but also from the different streaming or IPTV services that we can find on the market.

Given so much content available, it is very easy to get dizzy when you want to find a certain program or movie to watch or forget about the day and time of the premiere that we have been waiting for so long.

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To make everything much easier for you, we have investigated some apps and websites with which you can consult all the programming from your mobile and even put together your weekly agenda with the programs, movies and series that you don’t want to miss.

  • ReportTV Guide
  • MiGuia.TV
  • Buala
  • Live Sports TV Guide
  • tv guide
  • The country
  • Movie Guide
  • Just look

Report TV Guide

ReporTV is an interactive TV programming guide to consult the programming of all the channels from your mobile.

ReportTV is a interactive channel and program guide very fast and easy to use, it is also completely free.

We clarify that this is NOT an app to watch television from your mobile, it is only to check the programming.

One of the notable functions is the possibility of creating alarms so as not to miss the start of any program, series or movie. Because you can check the schedule of the entire month, alarms can be set for all programs from the start.

In addition to knowing in advance when each program is going to be broadcast, you can also check in real time what each channel is broadcasting at the moment.

Another interesting feature is that the app makes connections between different movies and series on the different channels according to the actors, so you can know what else there is to see in the month with your favorite actors.

A note of color regarding this app is that it has a gallery of images of the movies, programs and series and also an image gallery with a small biography of actors and actresses.

MiGuia.TV – TV Guide

Check TV programming from your mobile

The programming of your favorite television channels at your fingertips.

Another free and very complete application is My TV guide. Among other things, it allows you to create a list of favorites and organize groups of channels by category, theme, etc.

The app has synchronization in the cloud to be able to use it on different devices, you can also add the date and time of broadcast of a program or movie to the calendar to create a reminder that notifies us when it is about to start.

Searches can be done by program name, chapter, etc. to show us in detail the schedules, the channel and the repetitions.

An interesting detail is that a widget can be placed on the home screen that shows real-time information on the programming.


This free app shows the content of the grids of different providers and allows you to create your own custom grills.

It shows all the programming live and on demand, you can mark the content seen and organize the monitoring of your favorite series and episodes.

Thanks to artificial intelligence Buaala sends you content suggestions for you and so you can make plans with your friends.

Programs, movies or series can be added to the calendar so that it reminds you of the day and time to watch them.

Live Sports TV Guide

If you like sports, this app is for you.

This app allows you know when you can see your favorite team in a live game. You can choose between 250 sports channels from around the world and filter your searches by sport, teams and leagues.

You can create reminders by adding the events to the Google calendar, see the games of the next 7 days and share with friends.

One detail is the widget that can be added to the home screen of the mobile to see information on today’s live games.

We recommend these apps to see the results of football from your mobile.

tv guide

Apps to check TV programming

The TV Guide shows the grid of all the channels and their programming.

Side television programming We talked, the classic TV Guide could not be missing.

On this site you can see all the channels and their programmingalso by clicking on the name of a program or movie you can see a window with a synopsis, to know what the series, movie or program is about.

The country

Check the TV schedule on your mobile

Section dedicated to TV programming.

The online version of the newspaper The country also devotes a section to the tv show schedule of all open and private channels.

At the top of the page the different programming categories are shown with a distinctive color for each one, as well as consult the schedule of programs you can easily tell which category it belongs to.

A notable feature is that when you click on the name of the program, a box with information opens to find out what it is about or where it is in the story.

It can check the schedule now and the rest of the day.

Movie Guide

TV programming on mobile

Check the movie schedule on TV, cinema and streaming.

The Movie Guide app shows you TV schedule of the daytheaters and streaming services.

It also has an integrated search engine for TV programs and sports, you can search by actor, director or favorite sport.

Alarms can be configured to notify you when a movie is about to start and see a table with the synapse, rating and technical sheet.

An interesting point is that the app can send you daily notifications with the highest rated movie of the day.

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JustWatch – Streaming Guide

Best apps to check TV programming on mobile

JustWatch – Streaming Guide

This app is ideal for lovers of movies and series. It shows all the offers available to watch movies and series online or at the cinema.

You can browse through more than 20,000 movies and series and filter by provider, year of release, etc. In addition you can see the trialer, the synapse and the cast of each one.

One point to note is that the app also offers the best deals of the day to rent or buy movies and series online.

Regarding customization, we can highlight that you can create your own watchlist of favorite movies and series without having to log in, and if you decide to create an account you can log in and synchronize your watchlist on all your devices.

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