The 10 best TV series soundtracks

That means that many of the best soundtracks, rather than responding to the merit of the main composer, are remembered for the taste in selecting great songs of all times.

That’s the stuff many unforgettable OSTs are made of and lo and behold 10 of the best TV series soundtracks. The order does not necessarily mean that they go from worst to best. They’re all excellent and with the music you know, there’s a lot of staff.

But a little they are in order, that’s why this is my selection.

10. Freaks and geeks

The period of the series (1980-81) required true works of art and the truth is that they chose the songs so wisely that, being so legendary, they took a huge part of the budget.

So much so that there were problems to include them on the DVD due to the cost of the licenses. In fact, the episodes that are shown on the channel fox family from United States they have generic musicinstead of the original themes.

From The OMSuntil supertrampgoing through Billy Joel, Queen either The carsthe chapters are full of legendary songs and what this series does should be considered cheating. However, it is also a selection of the best music of the time and deserves to be here.

9. Gilmore Girls

If you like the american alternative rockso gilmore girls It is a mandatory stop. Franz Ferdinand, The pimples, White stripes…basically all leading men from the early 2000s have a place.

Of course, as not only of Independent man lives, one of the best musical moments of the series is when they go to a concert bangles, the legendary group of the 80s.


Donald Glover rose to stardom for his role in atlanta. The series, which browses the rap scene of that city, It is essential for lovers of good music.

Highlight names like Usher and outkast in one of the best soundtracks of recent series.

7. This is us

The series of impeccable dialogues, in which everyone is a philosopher of life, also makes a irreproachable role when choosing your soundtrack. The truth is that, if something can be thrown in the face of We areis that it is too perfect in every way.

Sufjan Stevens has a special role in several episodes (if you haven’t heard it, you’re late), but it doesn’t give up classics like Nina Simone or the stones. The multi-temporality of the series works in its favor to have a lot to choose from to accompany the tissues that it makes us take out.

6. Empire

The series about a music producer and the talent under his wings had to have a soundtrack to match. And boy does he have it, the parade of names is simply overwhelming.

JAY-Z, Pharrell Williams, Prince, Wiz Khalifa… If it’s your style, that of Empire It’s your soundtrack.

5. Suits

Everyone associates this series with Meghan Markle and it’s a shame that it stays there. Although the last seasons are repeated and it is more of the same (as in all of them), what never fails is his music.

Harvey Specter’s taste fits the character perfectly, 100% style and a bit snobbishbut impeccable.

The blues has a very important role, but you can also listen to some indie rock and, in general, music to put on your turntable Classic at night while drinking whiskey In your Manhattan penthouse with your tie half undone.

The suits series has a spectacular BSO

Hopefully those nights of reflection with millions in the bank.

4. CO

One can say what one wants about the series, but the soundtrack of the different seasons was quite a phenomenon.

The creator of the series, Josh Schwartz, made it very clear that he wanted the music to be another character and, for that, he put Alexandra Patsavas like the music supervisor.

The eye of Patsavas for unearth hit after hit of bands that, in many cases, were not knownIt was a talent in itself.

To highlight the main tune, the California from ghost planetthat so well captures the essence of that place that we have been shoehorned into the collective subconscious.

3. Battlestar Galactica

Some science fiction could not be missing in this selection and the representative is the phenomenal restart from Galactica: Battle Star. That series from the end of the 70s with a Dirk Benedict as starbucksbefore being Phoenix in The A-Team.

Bear McCreary does a spectacular job for some chords that lead us to distant worlds and aliens, to a past future.

The highlight of the soundtrack is the version that makes the legendary Along the watchtower for «that» scene that we are not going to reveal to you if you have not seen it. It turns out much better than the original Hendrix song.

Hey, I already said it.

2. Twin Peaks

Angelo Badalamenti deserves to be here for the masterpiece that was to compose the soundtrack of twin peaks. The tune is legendary and connects perfectly with the surreal environment where you know you’re entering another world.

That world is the head of Lynch, who helped with the soundtrack that, on the album, he ends up mixing environmentjazz and even pop like Julee Cruise’s.

For true foodies.

1. Corruption in Miami

Many series use songs from the 80s (the only salvageable thing from the time and with nuances) to play the card of nostalgia. Thus, they try to make you value the series for the memories it brings you, rather than for its merits.

It is not the case of Corruption in Miamithat alternates legendary songs of the 80s (highlight the use of in the air tonight by Phil Collins), stupid great songs unforgettable instrumentals Great Jan Hammerwith that already retro electronic touch.

Highlight the main tune but, above all, its crockett’s theme What do you have above? Seriously, Hammer is a prodigy.

Corruption in Miami and Jan Hammer, a like great

And that if you are going to use the 80s, use them well, without cheating or cardboard, as in this case.

As you can see, some television series have nothing to envy to the cinema when it comes to music. In addition, in this selection there is a little for everyone, from lovers of Independent even the most classic. What is clear is that any of these series soundtracks is among the best and most remembered.