(SUMMARY) Fenerbahce – Göztepe match result: 2-0

Fenerbahce, who found great morale by winning the Galatasaray derby and gained a great advantage for the second place, faced Göztepe, who was in the relegation pot, in the 33rd week match of the Super League. The Yellow-Navy Blues left the match with a 2-0 victory, played in front of the packed stands.

The goals that brought the victory to Fenerbahçe were scored by Serdar Aziz in the 4th minute and Arda Güler from the penalty spot in the 83rd minute.

He was shown a red card in the 83rd minute after his action against Moubandje Rossi in Göztepe.

With this result, Fenerbahce increased its undefeated streak to 9 games, and won the 5th game in a row and increased its score to 62. Goztepe, who played 10 games longing for a win, had 27 points.

The stands are full

Fenerbahce fans did not leave their teams alone in the Göztepe match. Hours before the start of the match, the yellow-dark blue fans, who started to fill the stands with the early opening of the stadium doors, supported their teams with cheers in the match.

minutes from the match

3’| Arslanagic hit the ball on the front post in Göztepe’s corner kick with Berkan Emir. The ball went auta from the top.

Fenerbahce started the game with a goal

GOAL | Fenerbahçe took the lead 1-0 with the goal of Serdar Aziz in the 4th minute. Serdar Aziz, who came to the penalty area from the right corner, hit the corner with his head and scored the goal that put his team ahead 1-0.

9’| Fenerbahçe Bright Osayi-Samuel and Diego Rossi’s double game came effectively from the right wing. Göztepe defense intervened before Mert Hakan Yandaş in Rossi’s pass.

17’| When Diego Rossi sent the ball to the back of the defense, Crespo turned it into the middle. Serdar Dursun’s shot from close range, the ball went out from the side.

Altay Bayındır did not pass

18’| Goztepe was effective. Soner Aydoğdu aka Moubandje in the middle towards the post made his left diagonally. Goalkeeper Alta7y Bayındır managed to save the ball from close range.

Goal returned from VAR

20’| In the middle of Diego Rossi in Fenerbahçe, Miha Zajc hit the ball, which Göztepe defense could not clear with his head, and sent the ball into the net. However, after the VAR review, Miha Zajc’s goal was canceled due to offside.

Pelkas could not continue the game

27’| In Fenerbahce, Pelkas fell to the ground right in front of the penalty area. After the intervention of the paramedics, a stretcher was requested first, but then the Greek player came to the side with slow steps. Pelkas, who tried himself for a while, could not continue the game and was replaced by Attila Szalai. The Greek football player could not control his tears as he left the game.

40’| Göztepe could not benefit from the absolute goal position. Altay Bayındır did not allow a goal in the shot of David Tijanic, who faced the goalkeeper with a bouncing ball in Göztepe, who crossed the midfield quickly with Halil Akbunar.

FIRST HALF RESULT | The first half of the match ended with Fenerbahçe’s 1-0 advantage.

51’| Göztepe is effective! Franco Di Santo’s right foot hit the penalty area before he entered the penalty area.

55’| Fenerbahce came effectively with Osayi-Samuel from the right wing. Murat Paluli intervened at the last moment when Osayi-Samuel, who quickly entered the penalty area with his steals, brought the ball to Diego Rossi before he reached the bottom line.

59’| Goztepe came out fast. Halil Akbunar’s kick was left by goalkeeper Altay Bayındır, after David Tijanic turned the ball in from the left side.

65’| In the attack developed by Göztepe from the left wing, in the middle of Halil Akbunar, Altay Bayındır and Franco Di Santo collided in the air ball and fell to the ground. After Altay Bayındır’s short injury, the game continued where he left off.

71’| Enner Valencia turned inward from the bottom line in the Fenerbahce attack that developed from the left wing. Crespo’s shot went wide on the ball, which the defense could not clear.

Penalty and red card

GOAL | Fenerbahce came very effectively! Arda Güler turned the ball, Diego Rossi could not send the ball into the nets in good condition and remained on the ground. After the VAR review, the referee of the match showed the white dot. Arda Güler, who was in charge of the ball, turned the penalty into a goal and gave his team a 2-0 lead. He was shown a red card after his action against Moubandje Rossi in Göztepe.

86’| Arda Güler hit the ball over the penalty spot, as Bright Osayi-Samuel turned the ball in from the right wing. The ball was narrowly cleared.

90+4’| In the Fenerbahce attack that developed from the right wing, Rossi saw Ferdi on the back post. Piric did not allow the goal when Ferdi met the ball and faced the goalkeeper.

MATCH RESULT | The match was passed with Fenerbahçe’s 2-0 advantage.

Fenerbahce – Göztepe 11s…

Fenerbahce: Altay, Min Jae, Serdar Aziz, Osayi, Ferdi, Crespo, Zajc, Rossi, Pelkas, Mert Hakan, Serdar Dursun.

Goztepe: Piric, Murat, Dino, Hero, Berkan, Moubandje, Soner, Yalçın, Halil Akbunar, Tijanic, Di Santo

Notes from the match

Fenerbahçe hosted Göztepe in the 33rd week of the Spor Toto Super League Ahmet Çalık Season. Referee Yasin Kol blew his whistle in the fight that started at 20.30 at Ülker Stadium. Volkan Ahmet Narinç and Candaş Elbil were Kol’s assistants.

Fenerbahçe Coach İsmail Kartal faced Göztepe in the 32nd week of Spor Toto Super League, making only one change compared to the first 11 of the Galatasaray derby, which was won 2-1. The experienced coach gave Dimitris Pelkas a duty in the first 11 instead of İrfan Can Kahveci, who was suspended with a yellow card in the derby. Fenerbahçe took the field against Göztepe with the following starting 11: Altay Bayındır – Osayi-Samuel, Serdar Aziz, Min-jae, Ferdi Kadıoğlu, Crespo, Zajc, Pelkas, Mert Hakan Yandaş, Rossi, Serdar Dursun.

Fenerbahce is the only one missing

Fenerbahce faced Göztepe without a single player. İrfan Can Kahveci, who was suspended by seeing a yellow card in the derby in the yellow-dark blue team, left his team alone in the Göztepe match. Mesut Özil and Ozan Tufan, who were previously announced as being excluded from the yellow-dark blue team, were not included in the match squad.

6 players on the border in the yellow-dark blue team

Before the Göztepe match in yellow-dark blue, 6 players are at the limit of cards. Fenerbahçe’s Mert Hakan Yandaş, Serdar Aziz, Luiz Gustavo, Filip Novak, Bright Osayi-Samuel and Kim Min-jae will not be able to play in the away game against Çaykur Rizespor in the 34th week if they get a card.

3 changes in Göztepe

Göztepe Coach Stjepan Tomas made 3 changes compared to the first 11 of the Yukatel Kayserispor match, which they lost 2-1 in the 32nd week of the league, and took his team to the field against Fenerbahçe. In the defense, Tomas gave the jersey to Murat Paluli instead of Kerim Alici, Soner Aydoğdu instead of Obinna Nwobodo, and Berkan Emir instead of Lourency. Göztepe faced Fenerbahçe with the following starting 11: Piric-Murat Paluli, Arslanagic, Kahraman Demirtaş, Berkan Emir, Yalçın Kayan, Soner Aydoğdu, Halil Akbunar, Tijanic, Moubandje, Di Santo.

4 missing in Izmir team

Göztepe, Fenerbahce match came without 4 players. Aytaç Kara did not play against Fenerbahçe, along with Atınç Nukan, Wilker Angel, Oussama Tannane, who had injuries in the Izmir team. In addition, Obinna Nwobodo, whose transfer of goalkeeper İrfan Can Eğribayat, whose exclusion process continues in Göztepe, was announced to Cincinati FC, one of the American Football League (MLS) teams, was not included in the squad.

The stands are full

Fenerbahce fans did not leave their teams alone in the Göztepe match. Hours before the start of the match, with the early opening of the stadium doors, the yellow-dark blue fans, who started to fill the stands, supported their teams with cheers before the match.

Meaningful banners from Fenerbahçe

Fenerbahce football players came out with a banner called “Run for Those Who Can’t Run” to warm up before the Göztepe match. Yellow-dark blue people drew attention to the Wings for Life World Run, whose motto is “Run for those who can’t run” and is held in May every year. All of the registration fees in the Wings for Life World Run are used to help find a cure for spinal cord paralysis. The organization will be held on May 8, 2022.

The yellow-dark blue players also appeared at the ceremony before the match with a banner reading “Violence against Women is a Crime of Humanity”.