Sofía Reyes: “I am not a saint, I am not good or bad, I am a woman and I can do whatever I want”

Sofia Reyes: “Today a song comes out and two weeks later people already want to hear something new”

Sofia Reyes comes to the interview with teleshow with a smile that anticipates this full moment in his life and in his career. At 26, the Mexican artist has just edited Lovesickness, their first album in six yearsthat has already reached quadruple platinum and reflects part of the emotions experienced at this time. “It has been a long, intense, fun process, with a lot of discovery and exploration”, she summarizes at the beginning of the talk about a job inspired in part by her separation from Ricky Montanerand which includes collaborations with Becky G, Rita prays Y Mary Becerra, with whom he recorded “Mars”a feat that allowed him to reach the top of weekly listeners in our country on digital platforms.

In her new job, Sofía shows herself to be mature and committed to her time, accompanying this historical moment in which women fight for their rights and demands in all areas, including the music industry. A problem that she experienced at the beginning of her career, when her manager was advised to find a male artist. More and more planted as an artist, Sofía today allows herself to sing to the feminine enjoyment and to her own, and to build ties with her colleagues who are in the same fight.

During his visit to the studios of InfobaeThe singer will tell other secrets of the compositions of the new album, and will talk about her daily fight against self-demand. And as a back and forth exercise, she is going to connect this successful present with that childhood in which she was always thinking about her desire to be a singer. In that pianist grandmother, whom she would spend hours watching her play. In those songs that she turned on her discman while her head fantasized about a present quite similar to this one, with her songs breaking down borders and being part of people’s lives.

“Mars”, by Sofía Reyes and María Becerra

—You started very young in music. Was it always that way or could it have been another way?

—I started playing the piano when I was six, seven years old, and I’ve always liked it. My house is very musical: my dad plays the bass and composes, my mom makes pottery, neither of them is dedicated to art, but it is a passion they have and they are both extremely talented. My maternal grandmother plays classical piano and I watched her play all the time and she taught me. she put me the song “Little star where are you”and I looked for the notes on the piano and every time I found them, it was an achievement. Then my dad taught me on the computer with garage band how to use the channels for the different instruments. And I found sounds, put them together and then added voice.

Music has changed a lot from that time to today. And also the way to communicate it.

-Total. And one has to be aware of how things move. With social networks, a song comes out and is available to many people very quickly, then two weeks go by and people already want to hear something new because there is a constant consumption that did not happen before. For that part, it was important for me to release this album and finalize this stage. Now I’ve been promoting for a month and when I return to Los Angeles I’m going to go into the studio to continue making music.

“Which part do you enjoy the most?” Being on tour showing your music or getting into the studio?

-A bit of both. I love to travel and I love to promote, but there is a certain point where after two, three weeks of doing something repetitively, whatever it is, your body starts asking for a little change. At least it happens that way to me. And now that I’ve been on promo for a long time, I dream of getting home and going into the studio to create new music. But after being in quarantine for so long, what he dreamed of was going out and traveling. I like that balance.

—Another thing these days is music reality shows. In fact, in Argentina your ex, Ricky Montaner, was a jury. Can I see you in something similar at some point?

-I’d love to. Invite me! I’ve always wanted to be a judge on one of these realities. I feel like I’m going to have an amazing time. She would be like the one who cries all the time. But she lasts, huh: it would be tough but sensitive.

“Okay, we take note. How are you when it comes to composing? At what point do you feel that a song is already finished?

—I almost never feel that the songs are finished. And there are songs that entered the album very late that I still listen to right now and say: “If I had more time, I would have changed this”. So I’m working with my team on learning to let them goboth songs and videos.

—Are you very aware of the visualizations and the repercussion of your music?

—Yes, especially with new music I’m measuring the data, how the album is going, which really is still very new. As there are many songs that are not singles, they are not as exposed and people start to discover them on the album. So I’m very interested to see how these songs are really moving.

—For lovesickness “tequila with songs”, as you say in the song with Becky G?

-Yes. And more things. Lots of therapy. To travel. And write what I feel, which is part of the therapy.

Sofia Reyes: “There is a lot of guilt with feeling sexuality or living certain experiences”

When is the best writing? When the heart is happy or when there is heartbreak?

-Unfortunately, in my case it has been from a heartbreak that I have written the best in my life, but right now I am in a more beautiful moment where I no longer have a broken heart and where I also feel very inspired and very much in love with life, and that excites me. I feel very creative also from another side, so I’m exploring that part. When my heart was broken, the number of songs that came out were very beautiful.

“Thanks to the one who broke my heart.”


“Are you in love today?”

“I don’t know, huh. I question it. I ask myself the same question, because one can be in love with a thousand things: with your parents, with your siblings, with your children, with your friends, with life…

—I tell you a love of a couple.

—Yes, but speaking of a couple, I don’t know. I still question it.

“And you want to fall in love?”

“I think falling in love is always nice, right?” Because one says: “Oh, I’m not in the mood to fall in love”, but when you fall in love it’s the best feeling at the end of the day. I feel that one always wants to be in love.

I liked a phrase Lovesickness: “I am not a saint, I am a woman”. Does he talk about you?

—Yes, I feel that this song is inspired by this person that I liked a lot and I felt like a fire inside me that made me question so many things. As a woman, and as a Mexican, I think The whole subject of sexuality is very taboo and we have always been told: “You, as a woman, cannot do this, it is frowned upon”. So, we repress our sexuality a lot, and I imagine that in Latin America in general we have to talk about it more. So it was more like being able, as a woman, to embrace my femininity. And also, it is a stage where I no longer feel like a girl, I feel more like a woman. The song questions what is right and what is wrong: it’s not that I’m a saint, I’m not good or bad, I’m a woman, and I can do whatever I want, and if I feel this fire in me, it’s okay. It’s like a conversation with myself.

—Well, it is a discussion that is taking place in the world about women, the conquest of rights. Sexuality has to do with this, with the right to enjoy, to pleasure.

—It is repressed a lot, there is a lot of guilt with feeling that sexuality, you know, or wanting to live certain experiences or such, or enjoy. I have a lot of friends who beat themselves up or feel guilty for trying certain things with their partner or whatever. So that is the question.

—I greatly celebrate this new generation of Latin women artists who have enormous strength and who advance in this conquest of rights that has taken decades. How do you get along with each other?

-Very well. In fact, right now my single is with Mary Becerra“Mars”. And it has been incredible, we spent a whole day together doing some special things about “Mars” and it is very nice for me to see that it is a genuine thing, that I am proud of the success that she is having and vice versa. The same thing happens to me with other women with whom I have collaborated, like Becky G, Anita, Rita prays, The change; They are human-to-human conversations, that is, without any show. We are on another trip and I am very pleased.

—Is the world of music more difficult for women?

—I think that is why we are talking right now and raising our voice and believing it, and putting our talent out there and collaborating with each other. I think the industry itself felt that we were not given that much space, perhaps because it was believed that the people who consumed it asked men to consume more. And that from awards in which it was only men who sang to the appearance of new talents. It happened to me. My manager, Charlie (Warrior), he always tells me that when they began to handle me they told him: “But why a woman? It is easier to work on a project with a man, that women are more sentimental, then they get pregnant…”. But they believed in me. And I think that the more we do it ourselves and the more we support each other everything will change. And I think it’s happening.

—If you had to choose a topic that changed your life, what would it be?

“1, 2, 3”definitely, both as an artist inside, and outside, towards the world: it made me experience what it is to have a song that explodes. If not, maybe I’d be looking to have a number one song.

—Something was accomplished.

-Yes. And then I lost the fear of releasing a song that is not as big as “1, 2, 3″, and I understood that the songs will do their thing at the end of the day. That whatever has to happen.

—On the one hand, there is something that reassures, because you already know that you have reached that place, so lower the demand a little. But he also set a very high bar.

—That, left a very high bar, but for that same bar At first I put a lot of pressure on myself of what is going to be the next song that is bigger than “1, 2, 3″. And then I understood that it’s not about that and that if I’m constantly looking for that song, I’m not going to be happy because I’m putting my focus on something that has no real value. And I felt that as long as everything is more honest and more authentic, and I enjoy it, that’s it. The rest is consequence.

—Besides, a combination of things has to be given for a song to explode, and many exceed the artist.

—Yes, it’s like the perfect time in which many things have to settle. There are songs that I like, but maybe they are not so favorite, and for some reason they are bigger than I thought.

-As which?

“You arrived”. I like him, but he’s not my favorite. And in Mexico, everyone got married to that song, at an impressive level. And it has more than 200 million views. And I cry every time I see that a person chose my song for that moment. And then there are songs that fascinate me like “Throw it out here” either “Necktie”fraud jhay cortezbut they did not explode like others. I do not know why would that be. There are many things as you say, many pieces that have to match.

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