Review: Renault Oroch evolves with turbo engine, but gets the price right

despite the Fiat Toro predominate in the segment of intermediate pickup trucks, it is worth remembering that it was the Renault who opened the segment with the hitherto Duster Oroch in 2015.

Seven years later, the French brand inaugurated this week relevant improvements for pickup in its 2023 linestarting with the adoption of its own identity, unrelated to the compact SUV that served as the basis for the pickup truck project. From now on, the official designation becomes just Renault Oroch.

With the initiative, the pickup starts to tread its own path within the Renault portfolio, therefore less dependent on the long-term strategy outlined by the manufacturer for the Duster.


It’s a fact that Oroch never shined when it came to mechanical efficiency. In the 1.6 catalogs, consumption was balanced, but lacked the enchantment of a more engaging performance. In the 2.0 options, it was the high consumption that weighed against the model.

To put all that in the past, the excellent 1.3 TCe engine, developed by the Renault-Nissan Alliance with Mercedes-Benz, has finally brought Renault Oroch the level of efficiency that we expect to find in a 0 km vehicle today.

With up to 170 hp and 27.5 kgfm of torque, the 1.3-liter turbo with direct injection is finely tuned with the CVT automatic transmission and both collaborate to accelerate the Oroch Outsider from 0 to 100 km/h in a competent 9.8 seconds.

At the wheel, the pickup shows a healthy touch of sport in its reactions, showing a behavior that we would hardly imagine for Oroch in other times.

Also in favor of the pickup is its independent suspension on four wheels, with a multi-link arrangement on the rear axle, which gives a high level of stability to the Oroch, also favoring smoothness when running.

Despite preserving the electro-hydraulic steering, the steering wheel proved to be accurate in our evaluation, but a fully electric assistance might help when maneuvering, making the beacons even easier.

A positive point is that, even with much more power and torque compared to the 1.6 SCe catalogs, now with a 6-speed manual transmission, the consumption of the Oroch 1.3 turbo is surprisingly similar to the entry and intermediate versions.

According to official data, the consumption of the Oroch turbo reaches up to 10.5 km/l in the city and 11 km/l on the highway with gasoline, while the Oroch 2023 with a 1.6 16V engine has partials of 11 and 11.4 km. /l, respectively. It is worth remembering that the Oroch turbo has the help of the start-stop to save even more fuel in urban use.

All this contributes to making the top-of-the-line Outsider version a much more interesting request within the Oroch 2023 range.


If on the outside the Oroch 2023 brought little news, especially the revised front grille and front bumper, the pickup won a necessary complete overhaul of the interior.

Similar to the evolution package applied to the new generation of Duster, Oroch brings a much more modern panel, with the controls in the correct position and the 8” multimedia center with floating screen receiving a good highlight in the cabin.

The new steering wheel also offers great grip and is a much bolder piece compared to what we found in the pickup, reinforcing the good impression generated by the new cabin.

Renault Oroch 2023
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price factor

Perhaps Renault’s best decision involving the 2023 Oroch is even for the pickup’s market positioning, especially in the top-of-the-line Outsider version.

With a suggested price of R$ 137,100, the top-of-the-line Oroch brings a list of considerable advantages when compared to the entry-level Fiat Toro, in this case the automatic Endurance T270, priced at R$ 138,390 in most parts of the country.

In both models you are very well served by 1.3 turbo engines, however, while the entry Toro does not even have alloy wheels, the Oroch Outsider 2023 leaves the factory with a leather interior, digital automatic air conditioning, automatic ignition of the headlights, rain sensor, 16” alloy wheels with mixed-use tires, traction and stability controls, reverse camera, among others.

The Oroch Outsider only has to go beyond the double front airbag required by law, since the Toro Endurance leaves the factory with 6 inflatable bags. Unfortunately, in the case of the two pickups, you also don’t find any more advanced driving assistants.


Of course, something to consider when choosing between the two pickups is the Fiat Toro’s superior size.

With a length of 4.94 m against the Oroch Outsider’s 4.71 m, the Toro takes advantage of the bucket’s volumetric capacity, with 820 liters against the Oroch’s 683 liters, taking into account, in both cases, the traditionally accepted VDA technique (lately Fiat is disclosing the net measurement, which raises the capacity to 937 liters, but it is something that is out of the usual pattern).

In terms of load capacity, the Toro Endurance 1.3 turbo also takes advantage, being able to carry 750 kg against 650 kg of the Oroch Outsider.

However, for those considering the purchase of a compact-medium pickup for urban use, perhaps the Oroch’s smaller size offers more advantages when parking and traveling through narrow roads, something to be taken into account.

Renault Oroch 2023
Renault Oroch 2023
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While until the 2022 line the Renault Oroch appeared in the universe of intermediate pickups much more as a rational model, serving in particular fleet owners and the business public, from the 2023 model onwards the pickup will have a version that brings together all the qualities to meet consumers who want a vehicle oriented to leisure and daily activities.

The 1.3 turbo engine associated with the CVT automatic transmission brought new life to the Renault Oroch range, with the advantage of an interesting price within the reality of the category.

For those who do not need the much larger size of the Fiat Toro, but were not attracted to Oroch exactly because of the lack of a convincing mechanical set, Renault masterfully resolved this issue, positioning the pickup in a much better way in the segment. Let’s see if, finally, the Oroch 2023 will be able to change the commercial dominance of Fiat Toro in the category.

Renault Oroch 2023
Renault Oroch 2023
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