Presidential candidates spoke in Galatasaray! – Galatasaray news

Presidential candidates Eşref Hamamcıoğlu and Metin Öztürk made statements at Galatasaray’s ordinary council meeting in April.

Emphasizing that they are at a difficult turning point, Eşref Hamamcıoğlu said, “We are about to embark on a very bumpy road. I would like to thank Burak Elmas and his friends who took part in its boards. This job really requires you to take time. Despite all kinds of criticism, everyone who takes this responsibility deserves a thank you. I will not tell myself about myself. I have held various positions in this community as long as I can remember. I served as the chairman of the council and the vice presidency of the council. I gained experience during this period and in previous years, I had the opportunity to make observations. At the end of these, I had the opportunity to identify the main problems our community is facing today. I mentioned some of them at the last general assembly. Our shortcomings are consistency, sincerity, transparency, corporate memory, accountability, reputation management and brand value. These are our biggest shortcomings. Our club is in the situation we are in because of these shortcomings. Lack of a strategic approach without rationality, realism and sacrifice has.

Our club is not going anywhere by using daily populist approaches, playing to the stands, so to speak, promising pink dreams, and making impossible promises. We’ve been experiencing this for the past few years. Now, the time has come for Galatasaray to realize these facts and put our feet on the ground. Unfortunately, it takes us to pink dreams with pink paintings. Our expectations are very high. Relationships between members get tougher as expectations rise. It goes as far as personal injuries. With the influence of social media, a lynching culture began. You may not like people, but you have to count. You can criticize what they do, but we have no chance to insult and swear. Unfortunately, we also experienced it in the last general assembly. We seem to have forgotten that the biggest riches of Galatasaray are the differences. Those who voted differently were lynched on social media by being filmed with their mobile phones. This does not suit us. This great deficiency has led to separations. Now is the time to be united, it’s time to turn a white page. This will make Galatasaray strong. Galatasaray is weak against the outside due to the conflicts within itself. Sometimes it is necessary to cut the gangrenous organs to ensure this union. Galatasaray general assembly should not hesitate to take these radical decisions. Everyone pays for this,” he said.

“I think everyone who takes responsibility in Galatasaray today should be carried on their heads,” said Hamamcıoğlu. He should not try to lynch him in front of the media. At least, we will not make any concessions on behalf of me and my friends. This should be known as such,” he said.


Speaking about the shortcomings in Galatasaray, Eşref Hamamcıoğlu said, “The most basic deficiency that Galatasaray is suffering from right now, there were financial problems in Galatasaray, it was always talked about. Galatasaray’s financial problems are mostly talked about today, since Galatasaray is Turkey’s biggest brand. Sure Be that as it may, we no longer have the means to deal with our financial problems, due to the lack of administration, lack of solidarity among ourselves. At the moment, Galatasaray may have lost its capital like other clubs, but the most important capital we have lost is our psychological capital, which is indispensable from the institutions. This is psychological capital, self-sufficiency, It consists of optimism, hope, motivation and resilience.

Our community has lost them. It is our duty to bring them together again. For this, neither me and our friends will suffice, nor work groups that will support us from the outside. It is inevitable that this whole community will elect the chairman and the management this time with the will of a strong general assembly consolidated. The turn we have come to is a very difficult one. We’re about to cross the last exit before the bridge. This is the last opportunity for the salvation of Galatasaray’s community. For this reason, I kindly invite all members of the general assembly to fulfill their responsibilities. If we want to have the right to criticize what has been done, let’s meet at the ballot box on April 30. Whatever your preference. If you don’t use this democratic right, Galatasaray is about to slip out of our hands,” he concluded.

Galatasaray Presidential Candidate Eşref Hamamcıoğlu then talked about the projects and introduced his team.


Regarding the presidential election to be held on April 30, Galatasaray Presidential Candidate Metin Öztürk said, “Whoever wins, let Galatasaray be the winner.”

Galatasaray’s regular council meeting in April takes place at Galatasaray High School. At the meeting, Galatasaray Presidential Candidate Metin Öztürk made statements. Speaking about the election to be held on April 30, Öztürk said, “We have already said the things to be said 8 months ago. Today it went a little deeper. Thanks to Burak Elmas, our president talked about both the presidential candidates’ financial reports and the problems related to the broadcasting organization. The picture is not very bright. “As you can see, there are very valuable Galatasaray players in both teams. There are people who are very knowledgeable about their subject. Our president Eşref Hamamcıoğlu is very valuable to us, I always say everywhere. Whoever wins, let Galatasaray be the winner,” he said.

Before Metin Öztürk’s speech, Öztürk’s team was introduced.