‘Pain may be a prescription, but this is the truth’

Eşref Hamamcıoğlu, one of the presidential candidates in Galatasaray, made statements at the April Ordinary Meeting. Here are those words…

“Galatasaray has entered an extraordinary election period again. It is extraordinary in every sense. Both the history and the environment are extraordinary. We are at a difficult turning point. We are about to embark on a very bumpy road. There are definitely things to be criticized, they happen. These things happen in the execution. I would like to thank Burak Elmas and his teams in their absence. “This job requires you to make sacrifices from your family and your job. Everyone who takes this responsibility despite all kinds of criticism deserves a thank you and applause.”

“I have worked at various levels in this community as long as I can remember. I have served as the chairman of the council of an exceptional institution in the last 3 years. I have accumulated a lot of experience, made observations and had the opportunity to synthesize. I identified the main problems of our community. I explained some of them in the last general assembly. Consistency , sincerity, transparency, corporate memory, accountability, reputation management and brand value. These are our biggest shortcomings. Unfortunately, our club is in the situation it is in because of these shortcomings.”

“The situation we are in is lack of rationality, realism and sacrifice. Our club is not going anywhere by playing to the stands with daily populist approaches, promising pink dreams and making impossible promises. We have been living this in recent years. This is the most important experience and observation I have gained. Galatasaray He should definitely and definitely be aware of these facts. Unfortunately, pink paintings lead to pink dreams. As expectations increase, relations between members get tougher. This goes up to personal injuries.”

“With the influence of social media, a culture of lynching began. You may not like people, but you have to count them. You can criticize, but we have no chance of insults and swearing. Unfortunately, we forget that the greatest wealth of Galatasaray is differences. Those who voted differently were lynched by being pictured with their mobile phones. Galatasaray fans should consider Tevfik Fikret’s motto ‘Free of mind, free of thought, free of conscience’.

“Now is the time to unite. It’s time to open a white page. This will make Galatasaray strong. Galatasaray is weak against the outside due to the conflicts within itself. Sometimes it is necessary to cut the organs with gangrene to ensure this unification. Galatasaray general assembly should not hesitate to take these radical decisions. Everyone gives account of this. Everyone who takes responsibility in Galatasaray should be carried on their heads. Past administrations and Mr. Metin Öztürk and his team, who entered the race to take such a responsibility, also want me and my friends. We want to take responsibility in a difficult situation. Nobody wants to lynch us, Let him not try to tear it apart. At least I will not compromise on my behalf and on behalf of my friends. Let it be known that way.”

“There have always been financial problems in Galatasaray. Since Galatasaray is the biggest brand of Turkey today, Galatasaray’s financial problems are the most talked about, but rest assured, we no longer have the opportunity to solve our financial problems. Due to administrative deficiencies and lack of solidarity among ourselves… Galatasaray, like other clubs, may have lost its capital, but what we really lost is psychological capital. Self-confidence, optimism, hope, motivation and resilience. Unfortunately, our community has lost these. We have to bring this psychological capital back together. We must elect a strong president and management with our will. The turning point we have come to is a very difficult one. We are about to cross the last exit before the bridge. This is the last opportunity for the salvation of the Galatasaray community. Let’s invite all our members of the general assembly to fulfill their responsibilities on April 30. 1 day on vacation Then get out. Whoever you choose, democratic h use your current. You are not only following the sportive and financial failures, but also the recent legal process. Now we have come to that stage where it has come to the stage of interfering with the will of the Galatasaray General Assembly. For this, a strong general assembly and strong management are essential. If we reflect this division to the ballot box, all administrations will be in trouble. As Burak Elmas said, we will give an opportunity to the social media teams that are ready.”


“Everyone knows the financial situation of the club. I went on this road with my friends. The financial situation and ease of cash, as the press put it, are a hot topic. This is what has made the candidates attractive for years. At the end of this attraction, this club has come to this situation. The situation of the club cannot be overcome with ease of cash. “We need to get rid of the drunkenness of temporarily injected money. This is our biggest problem. The whistle was blowing the whistle. Then it will destroy your body. Do not believe anyone who says that I am coming with so much money with untrue statements. We have experienced this a short time ago. This is no longer economically possible, nor is it possible legally. There is a Sports Law that has passed a draft right now, the agreement with the Banks Association There is a configuration agreement. Vault ease is prohibited. You can give, but You can get it back after 9 years.”

“What needs to be done? We need to make a sponsorship agreement. Galatasaray should not buy sportive success anymore. It has to create its own stars in every branch. If you try to get sporting success, your money may go to waste. You must create finance from sportive success. Galatasaray is in football, with limited opportunities, as it is in every branch. must achieve success by using its limited and limited opportunities efficiently without losing its competitive spirit. It may be a painful prescription, but this is the truth. It has to invest in infrastructure. Athletes within Sportif AŞ are an investment. It hosts athletes who are in line with Galatasaray’s DNA and will adapt quickly to our ethical values, “If we are raising them and selling them for good, we should not avoid it. Galatasaray football branch is a professional branch.”

“As a non-governmental organization, amateur branches are one of the most important tools for Galatasaray’s integration with the public. Whether it be athletics, swimming, sailing, rowing, water polo, volleyball. Basketball is also included. I promise that all of these branches will be managed by sponsors. “There is already a good organization and a good order in basketball. We have a successful sponsor, Mr. Erden Timur. I spoke to him last week. We will continue to work with successful sponsors if we come to work if we receive your favor.”

“There are groups that have promised to support us and that have been representing Galatasaray and Galatasaray very well for years. We anticipate these. Our sponsors are ready in all amateur branches in terms of sponsorship.”


“One of the most important assets of Galatasaray is the real estate we own. Our visionary presidents brought them to the club. The building in Riva, Florya, Kemerburgaz, Büyükçekmece, Ada, Hasnun Galip and the building in Mecidiyeköy. These are the most important ‘assets’ we have. Unfortunately, and unfortunately, the administrations did not have time to raise them. It was not due to the logic of both taking responsibility and criticizing those who came. However, based on corporate memory, we will cooperate with those who did everything well before that. Kemerburgaz, Florya, Riva are an inseparable trio. For the real estate package, we will get help from Dursun Özbek, who provided this activity, and he promised to give us this support. We talked to Ünal Aysal. He promised to sponsor rowing and sailing. We are in constant contact with him. Three friends from the team of Mr. Burak Elmas promised to continue with us in order to ensure corporate memory.”

“Riva is planned to be completed by the end of 2023. Emlak Konut is an important factor. The work we are doing in Florya has been interrupted. Our preliminary discussions on this issue have started. Mr. Dursun Özbek will also support us. There are real estate experts in our team. One of them is Nizam. He is Hısım. He is an important businessperson in terms of both relationship management and real estate development. One of the first things to be done is to restore the development of Florya, to deal with this business with a real estate partnership, and to reduce our debt to our banks as soon as possible, preferably in the form of general revenue sharing. “We are planning to close some of them and open a ‘credit line’. We do not know who this contractor will be, the mobilization in Kemerburgaz will begin with the advance received from him.”

“The hotel in Mecidiyeköy has been idle for a long time. It has started to get old. If we find good fortune, let’s rent it out. The crisis in the segments with rental opportunities allows this. We also thought of renting the dormitory, but due to the hybrid education in the universities, the students who will stay in the dormitory do not come to Istanbul. Dormitories are not available. “We’ve talked to a health institution. Burak Elmas also met with the same group, but it didn’t work. If we get a good fortune, we plan to sell this place for it. So that some fresh money can enter the club.”

“Galatasaray has a great potential that all technological companies should pursue today. Our fans and members. In the digitalizing world, companies that do digital business do not make money as an operation. They are all profitable with the data in their hands. Galatasaray also has such an opportunity. Digitalization Burak Elmas and his team have started working on this issue. We hope to continue where they left off when we win the election. We have experienced friends. If we do digitalization well, we can integrate marketing into it.


“Galatasaray should stop marketing scarves and jerseys now. This is not Galatasaray’s business. Everything that is not Galatasaray’s business should be ‘outsourced’. Retailing should be reformed. While the whole world has switched to online trade, we still give franchises, chase stocks, stock is missing here, wrong turn out, we need to give up on this.”

“Galatasaray should market its brand value. We have to do all of this with vision. We will do this with Boğaç Göncü. If it can consolidate the companies that look like Atıl, their evaluation can be reached in a short time. Our contractor in Riva says Galatasaray does not help us at all. That was one of the main reasons for the partnership, however. “

“The Banks Association must provide lifeline and working capital to all clubs.”

“We may have different origins and different ideas. However, no one should judge or hurt each other with prejudice. After that, everyone talks about separation. Let’s criticize but not separate. Since these are our founding values, we say ‘Liberty, equality, fraternity’. We look at Tevfik Fikret and look at him. “We say the motto when we get stuck, we reveal Gündüz Kılıç’s rope. It is imperative that we act and live accordingly.”