Movies to marathon with the whole family this weekend

If you are one of those who stayed at home to enjoy the Holy Weekthis weekend you can make it the most perfect, by making Netflix on your favorite friend. For you to enjoy the most relaxed with your family, from the little ones, to a moment with your partner, we share the best movies to marathon with the whole family this weekend.

Although, the taste is broken into genres, so Netflixthinking of all the members of the family, it maintains a super varied and nourished catalog with films and series of all genres, and for all tastes.

In I am Carmine we prepare a series of films to enjoy early with the little ones at home, to the most intense ones to watch alone, with your partner or accompanied by more adults. It’s a matter of preparing the popcorn, putting your phone on vibrate and getting ready to enjoy Netflix and his best films for this relaxing weekend.

Along with the little ones of the home

This vibrant, exciting and inspiring animated film tells the story of Vivo, a kinkajou gifted with a brilliant talent for music, embarks on an adventure from Havana to Miami to deliver a song to his beloved owner’s former love.

  • The Adventures of Peter Rabbit

On the eve of Easter, this beautiful movie It will delight not only the little ones in the house, but also the adults will enjoy it in a big way. Naughty rabbit Peter has been sneaking into old man McGregor’s garden for years to steal food from the garden. When the old man dies, Peter, his family and friends think all his troubles are over…until McGregor’s great-nephew and heir turns up. It features performances by Domhnall Gleeson, Rose Byrne, Margot Robbie.

everyone to laugh

Jennifer Garner and Édgar Ramírez participate in this family comedydirected by Miguel Arteta (The girl of my dreams), which stars the Torres family, an ordinary and normal family, whose parents, Allison and Carlos, are so committed to their jobs and professional careers that they do not have much time left to dedicate themselves exclusively to their children.

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Their routine and multiple commitments have forced them to refuse practically everything: children’s games, reading books at night, meetings with neighbors, visits to other relatives, and little by little their children start to resent, especially the little ones.

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That is why Allison and Carlos decide to give their children a surprise, to have a special day, where they will say yes to everything they propose, from having pizza for breakfast and having a food fight, to entering a car wash with the windows open, that takes them on a spectacular and fun adventure through Los Angeles, which will bring them closer than ever before.

Young love

In order to save money for college, Brooks Rattigan (Noah Centineo) creates an app where he can be contacted and hired to be the perfect boyfriend for any occasion. But everything changes when his feelings are involved when he meets a unique girl.

hug the heart

Lu is a young wanderer who lives in a van and leads an austere but independent life. However, her entire life changed for her when she finds a baby girl and she feels the need to rescue her from her negligent mother who doesn’t care or care about her. However, this brings him serious problems.

Prepare the tissues

  • Between life and death

Romantic movie from Science fiction 2022 American starring joey king (The Kissing Booth) and Kyle Allen star in this supernatural love story that tells the story of Tessa, a young woman who, after spending most of her life in foster homes and shelters for homeless children, has very little faith in love, until he meets Skylar, a high school senior who wins his lonely heart.

After believing in love again, tragedy strikes the young woman when, after a car accident, she wakes up in the hospital to receive devastating news.

Oscar Nominated

based on the musical autobiographical by Jonathan Larson, Tick, Tick Boom! tells the story of an aspiring playwright working as a bartender in New York while writing Superbia, who hopes it will be the next great American musical and what finally gives him his big break.

Jon, played by Andrew Garfield, is also pressured by his girlfriend, Susan, tired of putting Jon’s career aspirations ahead of her own life. As Jon’s 30th birthday approaches, he is overcome with anxiety, wondering if his dream is worth it.

A touch of action and comedy

Adam Reed, a time traveler and fighter pilot, lands in the year 2022. There, he meets his twelve-year-old self and, together with him, tries to save the future.

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