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The journey of a short life, in which there are many papers that have not yet been revealed.. This is a quick journey of questions and answers, produced by the positions of the world. We put it every day after meeting one of the prominent faces in the various fields of giving and creativity.. A journey that does not stop.. Our guest today is Zaki Hassanein, President The Board of Directors of “Bunch Mark”, Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors of the “Free Space” group, and an honorary member of the Union Club.

01 – 08 Personal
– Without any introductions.. without any improvements or additions.. How do you introduce yourself in front of a group of strangers?
The ambassador of the smile, a student in life, and the father of many, “Amo Zaki”.
Aside from work and professional challenges, what are your greatest personal achievements?
My children, I am always proud of them and what they have achieved today, thanks to God and their mother’s upbringing.
– Character overpowers imprinting..what is your character that still triumphs over you and brings you down with a knockout blow?
I might lose my temper quickly at any mistake, I won’t justify but our work does not tolerate error.
Do you have money that makes you safe and secure in the face of adversity of eternity… Or is this money your last concern?
“And as for the grace of your Lord, then happen.” Praise be to God for the blessings, no matter what I have today, peace always comes with God.
– The little boy who, when he grows up, wishes to be a rich man..like this. Do you have any valuable advice to give him?
Never despair, you will reach one day with your efforts and you will remain at the top, as long as you work with trust in God. Always remember that “every hardworking person has a share.”
– Some people lie with innocent words, a classy way, and good intentions… this kind of polite deception. Do you sometimes resort to it… and with whom do you do it?
Have you heard about this saying, “I do not lie, but I make up?” I think this is what you mean. Lying has many justifications, and the consequences are great. I will not say that I am not lying because I am lying, and as you said, polite deception is a game that requires intelligence.
– The Corona pandemic has come to an end.. a war of iron and fire and quick death erupts in the far corners of Europe.. what is happening in this world?
What is happening is destined, and Saudi Arabia’s handling of the pandemic made it one of the first countries to confront Corona, and thank God we are from the homeland of security and safety.
– Those who stuff coffee cups with sugar .. Do you consider them the happiest and smartest people?
What does sugar have to do with coffee?!

09 – 15 Sports
– Saudi Arabia, Morocco and Tunisia in the World Cup… A painful and hurtful farewell to Algeria and Egypt… Do you have a special perception of the reality of Arab football?
All I wish for is victory and success for Hawk Al-Akhdar, and with all the sportsmanship.
– Everything confirms that the Saudi League is the best and most important in the big Asian continent .. Do we need new evidence to establish this fact .. Or are we exaggerating our footballing emotions?
We do not need proofs. The success of the Saudi League in the Asian continent speaks for itself.
– Cold wars between clubs… between their presidents, stars, media and fans.. How do we stop them.. Or do you see them as a healthy sporting phenomenon that should continue?
I don’t like war, but I tend to compete honestly, certainly a healthy phenomenon and a motive for success in any field, not just sports.
– Talisca, Hamdallah, Pereira and Banega.. These four are the most frequently mentioned foreign players this season.. Why did the atmosphere of clamor, controversy and discordant opinions accompany them?
In fact, I don’t follow much of the players’ news, but perhaps Hamdallah’s move to Al Ittihad sparked controversy.
– If FIFA gave you the right to change the football law, what would you do?
– What is your team that you fell in love with.. and what price do you demand to give up this love?
The union and I am an honorary member of it, and there is no price for love, and he who buys love or sells a lover was not a lover in the first place.
– When you look forward to these major international sporting events hosted by Saudi Arabia… Formula, Equestrian, Golf and other games… What is on your mind?
The vision of Sir Mohammed bin Salman 2030 and the work of the Ministry of Sports under the leadership of Prince Abdulaziz Al-Faisal made a global leap, and placed the world’s attention on Saudi Arabia.

16 – 20 Art and Culture
– The Riyadh season recorded impressive numbers in its various activities.. Arts, ideas, initiatives and innovations.. How do you view the picture in its broad framework?
I see a world of fantasy that no one expected.
Do you write your name with confidence in the middle of a list wishing for the return of the days of “Tash Ma Tash” to the Ramadan screen?
For every time, men, what “Tash Ma Tash” presented will remain firmly rooted in the archive of successes.
– In the worlds of art, new faces appear every day.. Which rising names are betting on their successes?
The artist Ayed and Dalia Mubarak, I bet and I am still betting on their success.
– Love, Crime and Wealth are the most popular trilogy in cinema. Do you have a fourth issue that you would nominate for permanent display?
– Your charming artist, with whom you formed your taste for movie stars… Who is she… and why is she in particular?
Screen glamorous dove babes.

21 – 30 Thoughts and Life
– The unknown idea that you wish to crystallize on the ground… Has the time come to reveal its mysteries and secrets?
I have the idea crystallize in a short time, as it came to my mind I am sure that many others have imagined it, so I do not take much time to think, I prefer to make it wise and always trust.
– The so-called time of the good ones… What would you choose to take with you on your future trip?
Simple family values ​​and principles, bringing the family together, respecting the elder, supporting the younger, honoring the guest, and being kind to the neighbour.
– People whose hearts are full of your hatred… Do you have a confident message to shock them with?
Hate is a very strong and deep term, I don’t know if anyone hates me, but if there is, I apologize to him for hating me.
The media.. old and new..who do you like from them..and what would you do if you were to lead them?
I liked Majed al-Shibl, Ghaleb Kamel and Suleiman al-Issa, “May God have mercy on all of them.” If I had taken over the leadership of the current media professionals, I would have forced them to watch the “Memories Channel” and benefit from the experiences of previous generations.
– On the shelves of libraries are millions of books that have enriched the minds of people.. Which book do you want to be the author and owner of?
I wish I were the author of the book “Life in Administration,” which has become part of the administrative skills curriculum at the secondary level. May God have mercy on Minister Ghazi Al-Qusaibi.
– When your closest friends tell you: Give me my flaws… Do you tell him half the truth, or do you let him live with his illusions?
I tell him the whole truth, otherwise I’m not the best friend.
– Those people who are stigmatized as thinkers, how do their ideas differ from others?
The depth is what sets them apart.
– In this world crowded with God’s creation… Who is the only one you can trust with your secrets and lean on your arm?
My sons, may God protect them, and my dear friend Nasser Kalawi.
– That happiness that all people gasp for.. Did you know it in your life.. when and how.. and what are its characteristics?
I knew her well, with a smile.
– The person who has stopped passion, dream and ambition… How can we help him and bring him back to life?
Cruelty, sometimes an impulse to get up.