Galatasaray presidential candidate Eşref Hamamcıoğlu: Nobody should try to lynch us

– What did Hamamcıoğlu say?

Explaining that the yellow-red club is going through a difficult period, Hamamcıoğlu said, “We are about to embark on a very bumpy road. I would like to thank Chairman Burak Elmas and the friends who took part in its committees. This job really requires you to take time. Despite all kinds of criticism, everyone who takes this responsibility appreciates and applauds.” deserves it.” he said.

Reminding that he previously held various positions at Galatasaray Club, especially the chairman of the council, Hamamcıoğlu said:

“During this period, I gained experience and had the opportunity to make observations. At the end of these, I had the opportunity to identify the main problems our community is facing today. Our biggest shortcomings are consistency, sincerity, transparency, corporate memory, accountability, reputation management and brand value. Because of this, our club is in the situation we are in. There is a lack of a strategic approach that lacks rationality, realism and self-sacrifice. With daily populist approaches, so to speak, playing to the stands, promising rosy dreams, and making impossible promises, our club is not going anywhere. We’ve been experiencing this in recent years. Now it’s time to put our feet on the ground in Galatasaray.”

Eşref Hamamcıoğlu continued his words by explaining that populist promises create expectations in the club and that the relationship between the members has hardened with the increase in expectations:

“With the influence of social media, a culture of lynching started. You may not like people, but you have to count them. You can criticize what they do, but you have no chance to insult and swear. Unfortunately, we also experienced it at the last general assembly. We seem to have forgotten that the biggest riches of Galatasaray are differences. He was lynched on social media with his photographs taken. This does not suit us. Now is the time to unite, it is time to turn a white page. This will make Galatasaray strong. Galatasaray is weak against the outside due to the conflicts within itself. Sometimes it is necessary to cut off the organs with gangrene in order to achieve this unification. Galatasaray general assembly should not hesitate to take these radical decisions.”

– “No one should try to lynch us”

Stating that everyone who takes responsibility in Galatasaray should be valued, Hamamcıoğlu said, “This includes the one who was in management in the past. Mr. Metin Öztürk and his team, me and my friends who entered the race also want this. We take responsibility in this difficult situation. Therefore, social media or any other “No one should try to lynch us anywhere. At least me and my friends will not make any concessions to this. This is how it should be known.” used the expressions.

Eşref Hamamcıoğlu continued his speech by emphasizing that Galatasaray had significant financial problems and that this was also talked about a lot:

“At the moment, Galatasaray may have lost its capital like other clubs, but we have lost our psychological capital, which is indispensable in institutions. This psychological capital consists of self-efficacy, optimism, hope, motivation and resilience. Our community has lost these. We need to bring these elements together again. For this. It is inevitable that the community will elect the chairman and management this time with a consolidated strong general assembly will. The turn we have come to is very difficult. We are about to pass the last exit before the bridge. This is the last opportunity for the salvation of the Galatasaray community. For this, we invite all our members of the general assembly to fulfill their responsibilities. Please let’s meet at the polls on April 30.”

Making a long presentation about the projects they plan to implement, Hamamcıoğlu said about the structuring in football, “Galatasaray has to achieve success in football, as in every branch, without losing its competitive spirit, but by using its limited and limited opportunities. This may be a painful recipe, but this is the reality. Galatasaray is now investing in infrastructure in football. has to.” he said.

Explaining that the club’s real estate will be their first resource in solving financial problems, Hamamcıoğlu added that their sponsors are ready for amateur branches.

After his speech, Eşref Hamamcıoğlu invited the names that will take place in the management, audit, discipline and registry committees to the stage one by one and introduced them to the general assembly.

– Metin Öztürk “Galatasaray is the winner”

In his short speech, one of the presidential candidates, Metin Öztürk, stated that the current president Burak Elmas told both candidates the financial situation and the problems of the club, “The picture is not very bright. As you can see, there are very valuable Galatasaray members in both teams. There are people who are very knowledgeable about their subject. Eşref Hamamcıoğlu. “Our president is very valuable to us. Whoever wins, let Galatasaray be the winner.” made its assessment.

Before Metin Öztürk’s speech, names from the management, audit, discipline and registry committees were also invited to the stage and introduced to the members of the council committee.

The meeting of the board of directors ended after the speeches of some members.