Ergin Ataman era in 12 Giant Men

– What did Ergin Ataman say?

Stating that they fully support Ataman, Türkoğlu said:

“I would like to thank Orhun Ene, who was our head coach in the previous period. Our national team will play in important matches in the world cup qualifiers in June. We want to win a medal in the European Championship in September with the strong team we will create. We have decided to work with a new head coach who will carry us to the point we aim for in this critical process. “We invited Mr. Ataman to head our national team, which he coached before. He did not break us and joins us again today with his ambitious goals. I would like to say that we trust him and our team and give full support. Our agreement is good for Turkish basketball. As the management, the country We believe that our national team should be in European and world champions. As a manager, we try to bring together the right people to achieve this. That’s why we decided that Ergin is the right name. We will give our teacher all kinds of support. We want to achieve the success we want in the coming period. ”

Noting that the agreement is until August 2024, Türkoğlu thanked Anadolu Efes Club President Tuncay Özilhan for his goodwill in this process. President Türkoğlu, whose wedding anniversary is today, also celebrated the anniversary of his wife.

– Ataman: “Our only goal in the European Championship is championship”

Ergin Ataman, who said that he was excited to be re-employed in the national team, said, “After Orhun Ene’s departure, our president talked to me. They said that they thought of me as the first candidate in the national team. They asked me about my conditions. ‘There is no condition to work in the national team, your trust and trust is excitement for me’ I replied. I would like to thank the Board of Directors, our president, Minister Kasapoğlu for supporting basketball, and our President who wants our national team and basketball to be the pride of the Turkish people. It is a very honorable and proud task. Players like me who will be included in the national team are also excited. National I state that we will be here with enthusiasm that will take the team to the place it deserves, to the goal of medals in the European and world championships and the Olympics.” he said.

Saying that he is ambitious in the upcoming tournaments, Ataman said:

“We want to establish a national team that will not only play good basketball, but also that our soldiers who protect our flag and every citizen who sheds their blood will enthusiastically follow us and say, ‘This is my team. This team is playing for me.’ We will have a very good team. We will represent Turkey in the NBA. We have young and good players who play in other European cups. We all represent Turkish basketball very well in Europe and the world, but it is our great responsibility to represent the crescent-star flag and to please our soldiers, policemen and people at the front. Ambitious And I’m a person who puts my claim in every team. We are here to win medals in European and world championships, in the Olympics.”

Adding that they are not afraid of any team, Ataman said, “There are World Cup qualifying matches with Belarus and England at the end of June. We want to win them and go to the next round. This is an important goal. Our main preparation is for the European Championship on September 1. We will prepare for this in August. I trust this squad very much. We have very good players. I think this generation is at the highest point. We do not hesitate from any team. Countries such as Serbia and Spain will also take part in the European Championship, but our only goal in the European Championship is the championship. This squad deserves it. Everyone I will call the team with this goal. The target is big, but the staff is also big.” used the expressions.

Ataman, who will also continue his duty at Anadolu Efes, said that this situation was very difficult for the athletes regarding the overlapping of the Europa League and national matches, and that the authorized institutions would come up with a solution. Ataman said, “The national team will always go to the field with their coach at the beginning.”

Ataman also said that his assistant coaches will be Hakan Demir and Ender Aslan.