Central Bank releases last repechage of amounts receivable this Saturday (16) – 04/16/2022 – Market

The Central Bank releases this Saturday (16) the last recap of the first phase of the Amounts Receivable system. This is the last opportunity of the month to rescue money forgotten in banks and financial institutions for people born and companies created after 1984.

The first phase of redeeming the forgotten money began on March 7th and, until April 5th, distributed more than R$ 295 million to 3.3 million individuals and 15,800 companies. Withdrawals from individuals accounted for 96% of the amounts returned so far.

At first, the Central Bank released a payment schedule for amounts receivable that gave citizens a few hours to redeem them. However, many were unable to withdraw the money. According to data from the Central Bank, about 28 million had some value forgotten in banks and finance companies, of which 26 million were individuals and 2 million were legal entities.

At the end of March, the Central Bank improved the calendar and started to give citizens a full day to withdraw the money, depending on the year of birth of the worker or the year of opening of the company. Every Saturday in April, there was a chance for a recap. Now, the repechage for the last ones included in the calendar is closed.

How to transfer values

Anyone who has money to receive and was born or opened a company in 1984 must access the website valorareceber.bcb.gov.br to make the transfer. You must have a silver or gold password in the Gov.br system. See the money transfer step by step:

Step 1 – Access the website valorareceber.bcb.gov.br

  • Access to the website must be made on the date and time previously informed when consulting the website.
  • If you still do not know the exact day of the redemption or if you have lost the date, you can redeem at any time

Step 2 – Log in with your gov.br account

Step 3 – Read the disclaimer

  • To have access to the money, you must read the disclaimer and accept it.

Step 4 – It’s time for the appointment
The Central Bank system will show:

  • the amounts receivable;
  • the institutions that must return the money;
  • the type of values;
  • additional information, when applicable

Step 5 – Click on one of the options that the system indicates:

  • “Request Here” – means that the institution offers a refund via Pix within 12 working days;
  • Select one of the Pix keys and enter your personal data;
  • To request the transfer of the other values ​​through Pix, repeat the procedure for choosing the Pix key;
  • Keep the protocol number, in case you need to contact the institution;
  • “Request via institution” – means that the institution does not offer a return via Pix within 12 working days;
  • In this case, contact the telephone or email provided to arrange with the bank how to return the amount​;
  • On the Amounts Receivable information screen, the citizen must consult the institution’s service channels by clicking on its name.

And who couldn’t get it?

The worker or entrepreneur who had amounts receivable in this first phase, but was unable to make the withdrawal, will not lose the money. When consulting the receivables system, a message will appear informing you that the program will reopen on May 2nd.

In May, when the second phase of payments will begin, it will be possible to redeem the money that was not withdrawn, without prejudice, at any time, according to information from the Central Bank. For this, from the 17th, the portal will be closed for reformulation.

The money to be returned in this second phase refers to fees, installments or obligations in credit operations whose return was not provided for in a term signed with the BC, in addition to prepaid or postpaid payment accounts closed with available balance.

There will also be payments in cases of accounts held at brokerages and securities dealers to register clients’ financial assets. In many cases, there are duplicate fee charges, which will also be refunded.

It is at this stage that INSS retirees will be able to redeem undue discounts on payroll loans, according to the Central Bank, and bankrupt companies will be able to recover amounts that were forgotten in some institution. In addition, heirs may also be entitled to recover money forgotten by the relative who died.

Citizen can make a new query

Regardless of having received money or not in the first phase, citizens can consult and have amounts to be received in the new phase. “Even those who have already redeemed their resources and who did not have amounts receivable in the first stage must consult the system again, as the data will be updated and there may be new resources”, informs the bank.

There will be a change in the payment logistics: it will now be possible to make the withdrawal at the time of the first consultation, without the need to return to the amounts receivable system later. The Central Bank has not yet given information on how the heirs will be looted.