15 ‘The Walking Dead’ Memes That Infected The Internet In The Last Decade

After 11 long seasons and waves of viewers in and out, AMC’s mainline The walking dead the series has finally come to an end.

In 2010, when the series first aired, the world was still embracing meme culture. Part of The living dead the appeal has been its presence in the advent of social media; is one of the first TV series to be powered, and all the first memes that came with it.

While we could have a Rick and Michonne reunion, a Daryl Dixon solo adventure, a Maggie/Negan fling, and more Fear the walking dead we can’t wait, we don’t think anything as iconic as the list below from the OG series will ever come to fruition from upcoming projects.

To celebrate the end of this era in television history, we bring you 15 memes from The walking dead which infected the internet during its 12 year run.

Don’t die, open inside

Credit: AMMC

Kicking things off, let’s think back to the very beginning, when Rick woke up in a hospital after the initial clamor and panic following the onset of the zombie apocalypse, to discover the handiwork of someone with really bad grammar .

Dale Face

Another familiar, but long-dead, face from the early days was Dale, who spent about nine out of ten minutes of his screen time looking at people with the level of disgust you’d expect when someone leaves an upper floor in your bathroom.

Sofia the champion of hide and seek

Moving a little further down the timeline now; remember when the show spent an entire season on a farm looking for a little girl who turned out to be in the barn the whole time? It’s a miracle people haven’t lost interest and bounced back to whatever was the next best thing on cable before Game of Thrones.

Everyone hates Lori

When Lori was still alive and well in the early days, the internet didn’t share the love Rick felt for her. In fact, she was downright scorned to the point where fans borderline celebrated her passing. Gabriel proved equally annoying for a while, until he finally put on his big boy pants in later seasons.

Spaghetti Tuesday

We think we speak for everyone when we say we really miss Hershel with the specs of Santa and all the wisdom and humor he came with. Until the stupid Governor had to cut off his head. The declaration of him in the middle of a terrible flu outbreak in the prison to have spaghetti on Tuesday every Wednesday was something that resonated really well The walking dead fan base at the time.

Charles Poppa

At the height of its popularity, the Bad Lip Reading YouTube channel was released periodically The walking dead compilation of, well, bad lip-reading from the show. He’s always been a blast, from “I hate that damn turtle” to the iconic Carl Poppa.

Stuff, Stuff

The walking dead it’s always been a bit of a slow paced show, all about building fully fleshed out character and relationship dynamics. You would expect such a show to have flawless dialogue. Alas, that wasn’t always the case, especially if you remember the “things, things” fiasco.

Blind fire

There’s one image that has been making the rounds during the show’s arc of the prison and the Governor, which was a bit of a continuity oversight. The Governor looking down an assault rifle scope with a blind eye tickled the ribs of many a Walking Dead fan.

More blind fire

Seriously, this show had a problem with visually impaired people aiming at enemies with their bad eyes.


While we’re on the subject of one-eyed people, remember when the internet exploded with puns when Carl was smacked of an eyeball by that sheltered Alexandrian boy, who aimed for Rick but missed by a country mile?

Look at the flowers

In one of The living dead most heartbreaking episodes, “The Grove,” Carol puts down an absolute parasite of a kid who is convinced that zombies are friendly teddy bears and that everyone is better off being one, even having killed her own sister to prove the point. Carol asks her to turn around and look at the flowers and takes a ride in the baby. This of course spawned numerous “look at the flowers” memes.

Who killed Negan?

Perhaps the absolute pinnacle of The walking deadRelated buzz on the internet was the jaw-dropping season 6 finale, when Jeffrey Dean Morgan came out of a trailer as Negan, gave a big speech, and knocked the daylights out of Glenn A and Abraham with his trusty sledgehammer. Lucille. Of course, we didn’t know it at the time, and damned if it wasn’t a long wait for the season 7 premiere.

Daryl’s crying face

Over his twelve-year run, Daryl Dixon has arguably had the most textured armor of anyone on the show thanks to all the Norman Reedus Stans out there. That’s why he said Stans would probably rather forget that there is such an image of Daryl.


Speaking of crying faces, we’ve saved the best until last. Ladies and gentlemen, probably the most iconic meme ever released The walking dead: Rick complaining to Carl after finding out Lori is dead. We leave you with some variations of this.

Titanic is synchronizing

How do I smell?

Mom is killed